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Mintonian NFT
ReleaseDec 9th 2021

The Mintonian NFT is a collection of 10,000 uniquely designed characters based on the MintySwap network’s mascot. Each character has unique attributes as they are all hand-drawn by talented blockchain artists. Holders and investors can mint Mintonian NFTs and swap tokens on the MintySwap network, which is a newly designed platform that aims to promote an innovative economy in the blockchain space.[1]

Mintonian NFT is not just another NFT project, it is made for NFT collectors, crypto traders as well as gamers - the needs of whom will be catered by unique ventures soon to be launched on the MintySwap platform.[2]


Mintonians were launched in December 2021 on the MintySwap platform - which aims to create a community of artists and supporters and expand the NFT culture. The MintySwap network is a newly-developed platform where holders and investors can mint NFTs and swap tokens. Mintonian NFT will also give significant value to cryptocurrency traders and investors by allowing them to swap tokens on the NFT's own MintySwap network.[3]

In the near future when the MMORPG game Legends of Mintonian will be launched, The Mintonian NFT characters will be the main characters. Mintonian NFT's standout feature is that the tokens will be able to procreate between their male and female characters. The kids, dubbed "Baby Mintonians" by the founders, will eventually become the sidekicks of the main characters, assisting them in winning the game.[4]

The Diamond Series of Mintonians

The Diamond Series of Mintonians comes with more advantages. Only a small number of these ultra-rare NFTs will be made available, giving everyone the chance to own one of the hottest tickets on the NFT market.[5]

The Diamond Series Mintoan holders will get more than just the trendiest new NFT, they will also receive $500 for each month for holding these rarities, which will then grow by $100 every month until we reach $10,000 per month! The holders will also get a Minty Diamond Necklace if they hold the Diamond NFTs for six months. After the entire collection is sold out, the 1 million dollar prize will be granted to whoever mints Minty Monroe.[6]


10’000 unique Mintonians with some rare Diamond Mintonians were launched on 9 December 2021 - which marked Phase one for the roadmap.

In the second phase, the Mintonian NFT will launch its digital banners that can be used by NFT holders on their social accounts to show that they are a part of the MintySwap community.

In the third phase, upon the launch of the MMORPG Legends of Mintonia game, Mintonian NFT holders will be able to use their tokens as in-game avatars.



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