Mickaël Lopes Da Veiga

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Mickaël Lopes Da Veiga
BornMickaël Lopes Da Veiga
(1991-04-13) April 13, 1991 (age 32)
Méru, France
Other namesMagnum
NationalityFrench, Cape Verdean
Height"5 ft 10 in"
Weight"165 lb"
Fighting out ofFrance
TeamOViD Sport
Kickboxing record
By knockout7

Mickaël Lopes Da Veiga born on April 13, 1991 in Meru is a Franco-Cape Verdean athlete who began his professional career at the age of 21 in full-contact. After obtaining several Champion titles in this category of boxing, he turned to kickboxing, a discipline in which he won the French champion belt in the -165 lb category in his first year of practice [1].

In 2018, he competed in the K-1 rules for his first world championship in Sartrouville against the defending champion, German John Kallenbach. At the end of the 5 rounds of 3 minutes he unanimously declared by the judges new world champion in the -165kg [2].

At the end of 2019, he is still K-1's World Champion of the I.S.K.A. Federation. (International Sport Kickboxing Association) in the -165 lb category [3] [4]..


Mickaël Lopes da Veiga, aka "Magnum", entered the martial arts at the age of 8, practicing Aikido until he was 12. It was in September 2003 that Mickaël exchanged his kimono for boxing gloves. By pushing the doors of the Sartrouvillois club "Full Contact Boxing Team" (which later became "FCBT Fighting Club"), he entered the world of boxing with his long-time coach, Jorge Sabino.

He started competing from the age of 13 in Light Contact until his 16th birthday and won several times the titles of Ile de France Champion and Vice French Champion.

In 2008, at the age of 16, he was a member of the Ile de France team and spent the following year in the Plein Contact category in which he won the title of French Champion in - 81kg.

At the age of 18, he joined the Juniors and was declared during a fight in Marseille, French Full-Contact Champion.

Propelled in the Amateur category at the age of 19, he won the title of Champion of Ile-de-France followed by that of Vice Champion of France by losing in the final against Zouhair Chiahni.

Semi-Pro Career

In 2010, Mickaël moved to the Semi-professional category where he won a series of victories and became French Champion.

During the 2011-2012 season he is recalled to the Ile de France team where he faces a Hispano-Russian, Igor Kharlashevsky, in his first international fight. At the end of the 3 rounds Mickaël is declared the winner by the unanimous vote of the judges. At 21, he once again confirmed his status as French Champion.

Professional Career

During 2013, the Federation fighting full contact and associated disciplines (FFFCDA) offered him to compete in Normandy for a national professional belt against Jason Godin. After 5 rounds of 2 minutes, Mickaël lost in a very close fight. The following year Mickaël was called up to the French team to fight for the first time abroad (Romania), and lost his fight to a Turkish boxer.

In March 2014, then 22 years old, "Magnum" competed for a European ICO belt (International Combat Organisation) at the "Midland Mayhem 4" in Birmingham against the British Karl Johnson and became ICO European Champion unanimously by the judges following a one-way fight.

In January 2015 at the "Challenge TTT 10" in Wattrelos, Mickaël competes against Johan Tkac. This fight, won unanimously by the judges, will leave a lasting impression because throughout this exchange Mickaël uses his glance and particularly his evasions, which have since become emblematic. His first television appearance will take place at the end of this fight on the Kombat Sport channel. That same year, Mickaël fought three other fights in Full-Contact: in March at Gravelines' "Super fight" against David Van Branteghem, then against Cyril Joel Missipo at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, and in May in England for his 50th fight during which he obtained the "Five Nations" belt, which added three new victories to his list of achievements. In January 2016 at the "Challenge TTT 11" Mickaël whose opponent is David Van Branteghem wins his fight at the end of which he is forced to stop boxing for a few months following a metacarpal injury.

During the 2016-2017 sporting season, still within the FCBT Fighting Club of Sartrouville, he returned in force and headed for Kickboxing. Indeed, at the time, kickboxing was a more mediatized discipline, towards which renowned boxers were moving, and in particular the boxer Cedric Doumbe. The latter having challenged Michael on the possibility of a face-to-face, and Michael wishing to compete against the best, he decided to focus on this style of boxing. Thus, in October 2016, he will fight his first battle against Christopher Plouvin at "La Nuit des 6 nations III" in Montdidier, with a victory by TKO in round 2. In November 2016 during "La Nuit des 3 Nations" in Ham, he was opposed to the British Martin Khabrel and inflicted a TKO on him on the second round.

The year 2017 begins with a unanimous victory by the judges against Williams Illemay in a fight during the fifth edition of the "Muay Thai Attitude" gala in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. In March, during "La Nuit du Karaté Full Contact 9" in Montdidier, he faced boxer Éric Dénis and imposed a TKO on him in round 2. Determined to attack a higher class, Mickaël then defeated Bakari Tounkara (WKN World Champion and WAKO PRO & WFKB European Champion) during "La Nuit des Dragons d'Or" in Liévin in April 2017. The fight goes at the end of the 3 rounds of 3 minutes and Mickaël wins unanimously by the judges. In May 2017, Mickaël was called upon to box for the national title during the "14th Edition of the Trophée de l'Éphèbe" in Agde against the defending champion Bernard Tavernier. "Magnum" won the fight by TKO on the 3rd time and then obtained, in his first year of practice, the title of French Champion.

Undefeated in 2017, Mickaël starts 2018 under the best auspices since by making an appearance in Full-Contact on the "Challenge TTT 12" in Wattrelos he meets Thomas Girot in a 5 rounds of 2 minutes fight that he wins unanimously by the judges. February 3, 2018 is a decisive date in Mickaël's career: at the age of 26, during the "Muay Thai Attitude 6" held in his city in Sartrouville, he is competing in his first K-1 world championship in less than 75kg against the defending champion, the German John Kallenbach. At the end of 5 rounds of 3 minutes "Magnum" is crowned the new World Champion ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association). In March 2018 Mickaël was invited to the Partouche Kickboxing Tour tournament of Khader Marouf, in the - 77kg category and started his first fight against the Romanian "Number 1" Claudiu Badoi, a confrontation during which Mickaël lost in the second round despite a very tight first round with two boxers fighting each other. In May, he won his fight against Nicolas Atmani during the "TEKB15", then in July against Sufian Harrak in the semi-final of the "Partouche Kickboxing Tour" to lose in the final against Karim Benmasour.

With his growing fame after obtaining his ISKA World Champion title, Mickaël honours his city and his career by being invited to Marc Menant's microphone on CNews' TV show "Vent Positif" where he is interviewed [5] on the evolution of his pugilistic career. In October, during the "Fight Legend" in Geneva, he faced and beat Marco Milanovic in K-1 by abandonment in the 1st round. At the end of 2018, Mickaël lost against Christian Berthely at the "TKR3" and then against Milan Kratochvila at the WKN World Championship in less than 76kg at the "Muay Thai Attitude 7" in February 2019. "Magnum" then decided to take a break from the competition in order to prepare to return more determined and fighting than ever before to the world of combat sports.

Professional kickboxing record

Professional Kickboxing Record