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Michael LeGoff
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OrganizationSorex Sensors

Michael LeGoff is a Canadian entrepreneur, engineer, and physicist based in the U.K.[1] He has more than 25 years of experience in the electronics and semiconductors industry.[2] He is best known for reviving and relaunching the electronics giant Plessey Semiconductors. [1][3] LeGoff is also the founder of Dynex Power Inc. (now known as Dynex Semiconductors). [1]

As of 2019, LeGoff works as the CEO of the Cambridge-based sensor technology startup, Sorex Sensors.[2]

Early life & career

Before beginning his entrepreneurial journey, LeGoff studied physics and engineering in Canada. Thereafter, he worked as a naval officer in the Canadian navy. Following his stint with the navy, LeGoff founded his first tech startup, Dynex Power Inc., in 1995 in Ottawa, Canada. [4] The company was listed as a business in Canada in 1998 and emerged as a leading distributor of power semiconductor devices.[5]

Plessey & sorex sensors

LeGoff led Dynex Power as president and CEO from 1995 to 2004. [1][6][7] In 2000, Dynex acquired the Lincolnshire manufacturing facility of Plessey Semiconductors from Mitel, a Canadian telecommunication company. [1][4][8] In 2004, LeGoff resigned as the CEO of Dynex and the company was acquired by Zhuzhou CSR in 2006. [1][4]

Thereafter, LeGoff acquired the Plessey Semiconductors assets in Swindon (in 2008) before buying the company manufacturing plant in Plymouth in 2010. [1][4] In the same year, LeGoff relaunched Plessey Semiconductors in Plymouth and stepped in as managing director. [1][9] He led the company to become one of the leading LED manufacturers in the U.K.[3][10]

In 2017, LeGoff mentored high-performing students of the University of Plymouth as part of the Tamar Engineering Project. [11][12] He stepped down as the CEO of Plessey in 2018. [2] Subsequently, LeGoff was appointed as the CEO of Sorex Sensors in 2019.[2]

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