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Meta Knights NFT
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Meta Knights NFT is an Ethereum-based utility token for holders that can be used in the Meta Knights ecosystem. The associated non-fungible token (NFT) that can be used by pixel art lovers, NFT collectors, and retro gamers. The project is centred on handcrafted pixel art knights that let users have an interactive experience of a retro metaverse.[1]

It is a digital 8-bit Game of Thrones with six distinct factions vying for supremacy in the Meta Kingdom. Meta Knights NFT is a computer-generated perceptual classic video game style with 9,999-pixel art knights as NFT tokens. Meta Knights NFT displays high quality knights within "the metaverse," where Meta Kingdom ecosystem members can contribute.[2]


Meta Knights NFT is the world's first 8-bit Knight NFT. And, like medieval knights, it is a project that takes pleasure in being honest and truthful with our community. They began with just knights and have now developed to include a Utility Token for the Meta Kingdom ecosystem, a subset of virtual property NFTs called Meta Manors, and are currently working to gamify the Meta Kingdom with the help of our community.[3]

Additionally, owners of a one-of-a-kind animated 1 of 1 will earn extra privileges. They often have giveaways on their Discord channel and are interested in collaborating with other pixel art projects and supporting the NFT community. Meta Knights NFT's mythology and universe are fundamental to their project, with the community contributing to its development and storytelling.[4]


A Meta Knights' ownership can be verified through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Meta Knights is represented as NFT using the ERC-721 token standard.

There is a limitation of 9,999 Metaverse Knights and have a distinct visual appearance stored in the smart contract. The ownership of tokens can be transferred digitally through sales of these tokens using Ethereum blockchain wallet.

Roadmap of Meta Knights NFT

Presale: Access to the presale is restricted to a maximum of 400 Discord users.

0% sales: The launch will begin with Meta Kingdom's defenders’ arrival.

10% sales: The Meta quest starts after 10% sales. The users will be asked to tweet their Meta Knights to the creators. Any five randomly chosen tweets will be chosen for an airdrop.

25% sales: This will oversee the airdropping of ten Meta Knights to ten randomly selected wallets.

50% sales: The users will arrive at the Meta Fortress's gates! The white paper will be published to outline the mythology of the Meta Kingdom.

75% sales: 10 ETH will be airdropped.

100% sales: The Meta Overlords will be conquered in this stage, and the drop of member-exclusive Meta Knight apparel will commence. Twenty Meta Knight owners will be randomly selected to receive a framed print of their NFT.


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