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Meta Bounty Hunters NFT
Meta Bounty Hunters.JPG
Developer(s)Meta Bounty Hunters
Artist(s)Mike S. Miller
Writer(s)Mike S. Miller
Release17 February 2022

Meta Bounty Hunters NFT is an Ethereum based artwork project that allows holders to buy, sell and trade Meta Bounty Hunters non-fungible tokens. All NFTs are designed by renowned comic book illustrator and writer, Mike S. Miller, who is known for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other renowned projects. There are 8,888 Meta Bounty Hunters NFTs in all, with 235 different characteristics of a variable rarity in 14 different categories.[1]

The minting for whitelist members began on February 10, 2022, and the Public Mint is on February 17, 2022. Meta Bounty Hunters is a digital NFT community that represents elite members that share an invite-only community-first mentality, are united by a common goal, and are dedicated to spreading good across the galaxy through community gifts and charity programs.[2]


A Once Bright Empire, Shrouded in Darkness…the Galactic Cryptopia was once our hope. A shining, golden empire emerged from the seemingly endless Dark Ages and species from all over the universe heard its call for peace. New planets and ecosystems began to develop in its wake, such as the daytime planet of SOL, shining brightly without ever a need for night. The GC introduced groundbreaking technologies that continued expanding into new territories and the need for war lessened every day. But as the Cryptopians stretched their hand into the far shadows of the universe, dark forces began to answer.

Organizations like the FUD syndicate emerged, determined to infiltrate this shining new empire to manipulate and exploit the technologies for their own, evil gain. Known crime bosses from across the galaxy began to form together and developed leagues such as SCAM, known for their trickery, swift robberies, and leaving countless blindsided in their wake. As the dark haze of scum and villainy begins to once again cloud the universe, victims cry out for their saviors.

A Glimmer of Hope Emerges…a man who lost everything to SCAM. A barbarian, honoring his fallen planet through every battle. A former assassin, looking to forge a new path. No matter their background, home planet, or species, one way or another these souls found themselves on the Planet Satoshi, home to the once-great Bounty Hunters Guild. After years of silence and solitude, even Satoshi’s inhabitants began to hear the calls from those across the galaxy who could not help themselves. Banding their skills together in the abandoned Guild’s base, these warriors formed their own league - one for the good of the people and the universe.

And thus, the Meta Bounty Hunters Guild was founded - even bigger and more powerful than its namesake. Now, the Hunters are gathering the elite of the elite from across the universe - the top 8,888 warriors that could bring new hope to those who have lost theirs.[3]


The ownership of Meta Bounty Hunters NFTs can be verified through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT has been generated algorithmically by combining 235 characteristics of varying rarity distributed across 14 categories to produce one-of-a-kind Meta Bounty Hunters. All characteristics will have an entirely distinct Bounty Hunter appearance. Future upgrades and airdrops to NFT owners will further differentiate these Bounty Hunters in look and capabilities.

Meta Bounty Hunters NFT community members

MBH community represents:

1. Bounty Reflection Pools can benefit NFT holders directly via weekly reflection payouts. This is a never seen before unique utility of the MBH NFT.

2. Once a Meta Bounty Hunter, they will be able to earn additional rewards by recommending new members to the community through the affiliate referral reflections.

3. The community's design establishes a permanent "Do Good Fund," which enables the community to positively impact the Beings, Species, and Mother Earth/Planet Galaxy via quarterly do-good initiatives. This galaxy will reimagine what it means to be a part of an NFT community and, ultimately, the Metaverse.

Roadmap of Meta Bounty Hunters NFT

1. Ability to Activate Call Sign: Activate your Unique Bounty ID. You will have the ability to earn your share of the reflection rewards with your Unique Bounty ID.

2. Join White List: In this phase, a whitelist can be joined and users need to add their wallets. Become one of the first Meta Bounty Hunters to join the MBH community.

3. Early Whitelist Mint: The early minting of 2500 Meta Bounty Hunters NFTs will begin on February 10, 2022

4. Public Mint: Will start on February 17, 2022 - 5,428 Meta Bounty Hunters join the ranks of the Guild and prepare for glory! (3 per address)

5. Reflection Rewards: Each Meta Bounty Hunter receives their portion of the reflection rewards based on the NFT’s held (Direct Reflections) and contribution to the community (Affiliate Reflections).

6. Ongoing Mini Mints: 960 new Meta Bounty Hunters will be added to the collection. Each week, one additional Meta Bounty Hunter will be available.

7. VIP Exclusive Mints: Exclusive Meta Bounty Hunters will be made available to holders. (5 or more MBH NFTs)

8. Community Participation DAO: The MBH community will donate to "Do Good Causes" as decided by the Community DAO for humanitarian causes and the planet.

9. Pay to Play Game Development

10. Future Mint Release Dates: Meta Bounty Hunter NFT holders will receive whitelist access to future mints, VIP mints, strategic mints, and exclusive giveaways.



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