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MetaVolution NFT

MetaVolution NFT is a collection of 8,778 game characters called Immortals who take shelter on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an on-chain play-to-earn game built and released in seasons where NFT holders will be rewarded with valuable prizes at the end of each season. Players can earn game-specific currency Metropy or $TROPY to acquire digital assets and participate in post-genesis drops.


MetaVolution NFT takes its players in the year 2119 wherein the terrorists have infected the Earth with a deadly virus. Luckily, years prior a powerful secret organization called “The Immortals” had financed a classified scientific experiment to create ‘The Ark’ within the metaverse, serving as a portal to immortality in a parallel universe. Amongst them are 10 exceptional creators who would lead the colonization of this new world. To withstand the immense force inside of the portal, each volunteer had to submit their bodies to changes that would turn them into extraordinary beings, the process of which came to be known as MetaVolution. The volunteers would keep the same personalities and bodies, but would no longer be humans and hence called ‘Immortals.’ Lt. General Brock Smith is one of the creators of MetaVolution who has stepped into this world of immortality.

While most NFT gaming projects rely on tokenomics, MetaVolution combines industry-leading digital art, game lore and progression to make playing the game profitable and fun. The currency Metropy will be used to buy Obelisks and Lands immediately on release and future drops. The platform also allows players to earn $TROPY passively just by staking their character. The currency can be withdrawn from the game anytime and a 25% burn fee will be applied to the amount withdrawn by the player. The daily $TROPY generated from the player's NFT is based on the background attribute called “Productivity.” To encourage early adoption and participation, the players will be incentivized to stake their character immediately and earn double the $TROPY over their first 72 hours post NFT reveal.

MetaVolution’s target audience is made of NFT adepts/collectors, 18 to 60 years old, who want to be involved in a long-term P2E project. This audience can also be fans of manga, sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction. The platform also targets gamers who enjoy an RPG type of gameplay but without the barrier of having to invest countless hours of grind to make progress.

Types and attributes

The population of 8,778 immortals is split evenly between male and female characters that are further divided into 4 races: Augmenteds, Androids, Reptilians and Mutants. The race of the NFT has no impact on the $TROPY yield. There are 4 different types of Obelisks used to harness power from the lands: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. After burning the 4 of them, the player will be able to secure ownership of a new parcel of land. All Obelisks yield $20 TROPY per day and have a finite supply of 20,000 Obelisks. There are 5 different rarities of land with different $TROPY yields that are in supply of 5000.

Roadmap of MetaVolution NFT

The minting of MetaVolution NFT will take place in April 2022. A new currency, $LUCI is expected to be introduced in the Season 1 of the MetaVolution. The platform also aims to introduce an L2 bridge to the Polygon network to make it a profitable experience for the immortals.

In the first 2 acts of MetaVolution, the players will stand a chance to battle and defeat the act boss which will result in the player earning a unique and valuable artifact. After the possession of all artifacts, the player will be able to save the world of MetaVolution at the end of Season 1.

Season 1 will conclude soon after the first Immortals defeats Universe followed by the prizes and community recognition of players who emerge victorious. The detailed roadmap of Season 2 is yet to be announced.

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