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MetaFans NFT
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ReleaseNovember 2021

MetaFans NFT is an Ethereum-based NFT project that depicts the illustrative style of bold colors and high detail of MetaFans characters. There are 10,000 unique high-resolution Sports MetaFans NFTs based on 800 sports-oriented variables over four distinct characters designed by the renowned artist Maxfield Bala.[1]

MetaFans NFT collection goes a step further by including a limited edition set of one-of-a-kind 1/1 Fans known as the "Owners Guests"—characters created by Maxfield Bala that are individually drawn and include characteristics that are unique to each character.[2]

MetaFans owners will have a FanEpack, which contains highly detailed patterns, zipper pulls, and patches that may be used as a standalone project, in order to assure their continued devotion to the collection's unique, artistically driven aesthetic.


The MetaFans collection starts with four base characters from which over 700 attributes have been created to ensure a wide range of variability. The attributes were carefully selected to encompass a wide range of sports varying from football, baseball, and basketball all the way to tennis and badminton. The characters and attributes were all hand-drawn by one of the founders Maxeld Bala who is internationally known for working with companies like Disney and Coca-Cola. The high resolution artwork at 4000x4000 pixels showcases the detail that went into each element of this collection.[3]

With variables that have never been seen in any other project before, the artwork for MetaFans stands out because of the artistic style and dedication found in the number of variables and detail found in the four characters, Owners Club, and Fan Epack Collections, all of which were drawn by Maxfield Bala himself.[4]

MetaFans NFT team’s mission is to serve their community with incredible real-life experiences like suite access at major venues and exclusive platinum level access to events worldwide. Through deep connections in the sports and entertainment industry, they plan to fuel their community benefits by releasing collaborations with top athletes, entertainers, and gamers. Their project ambassadors, famous athletes like Anthony Rizzo, Jason Taylor, and Dan Marino, are on board to drive this project's success. MetaFan holders will have access to the cheapest tickets for any event they desire through their global ticket network. Benefits like these are just the beginning, as they plan to build in the MetaVerse and increase benefits to their community.


The ownership of MetaFans can be verified through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Each MetaFans NFT is represented as an NFT using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.

As MetaFans is a digital artwork NFT on blockchain, it can be sold and bought through wallets or its official website with a guaranteed ownership.The owners can sell them through an auction for a minimum setup price in ETH.

Roadmap of MetaFans NFT

20% Sales: They will donate to two organisations of their choice, which are fighting cancer and autism, respectively.

40% Sales: For the benefit of MetaFans community, a $30,000 fund will be established to encourage their designers to expand the design and development of MetaFans posse.

50% Sales: Members will have access to exclusive high-level NFT and crypto visionaries, which allow them to sharpen their edge and rise to the top of the blockchain food chain. MetaFans members will be able to network with other members of the MetaFans community.

60% Sales: In-house artist and co-founder Maxfield Bala will develop merchandising materials of MetaFans NFT. For the baddest ass NFT community on the planet, they are talking about luxury quality!

70% Sales: The MetaFans Box Office will be pushed live. MetaFans holders will be able to acquire the best bargain on tickets to important events since they have secured a cooperation with a worldwide ticket network. Users can use MetaFans wallet to access special advantages for the rest of their life!

80% Sales: Daily competitions that put users in the running to win up to $1,000 in prizes and gifts every single day of the year. Maintain the momentum and recognise their most devoted members for their efforts in evangelising our community and setting their direction for the future.

90% Sales: IRL Events Have Been Revealed: The Super Bowl, Formula One, the Preakness, baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL have all had premium experiences delivered to MetaFans. The MetaFans community will decide a fair and equitable procedure to administer the IRL event access programme, which will be implemented in the near future.

100% Sales: The FanEpack programme will be activated. All owners of the Genesis MetaFans collection will get the highly sought-after MetaFans FanEpack 30 days after the collection sells out. This NFT will provide you access to incredible incentives and presents that will be generated via aftermarket sales. The Liquidity Pool will be constructed, and the floor will be well cleaned.


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