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Merry Apes Club NFT
Merry Apes Club NFT.JPG
Developer(s)Merry Apes
Release20 December 2021

Merry Apes Club NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that depicts a metaverse of apes. Merry Apes Club is a collection of apes unlike any other in the NFT universe that comes with its own metaverse play-to-earn game and token. This NFT collection is specifically designed for party lovers and people who enjoy good vibes.[1]

Merry Apes Club NFT is a community of 8,888 apes who stand for positive vibes, diverse income streams, and good times. Not only that, a part of the proceeds (50%) from hosting various events in the metaverse will be donated to help fight poverty in Africa.

Merry Apes Club NFT gained recognition for its unique play-to-earn concept, getting featured in prolific media outlets, even before its launch including - LA Wire,[2] LA Progressive,[3] NY Weekly,[4] The Chicago Journal,[5] NFT Radius,[6] and others.


The founder of Merry Apes Club wanted to create a project that would assist its users in achieving financial independence, earning passive income, and embarking on a life-changing adventure. Even the most apprehensive enthusiast will be enticed by the project's plan, which promises a plethora of intriguing features.

Merry Apes Club was hence launched on 20 December 2021 with the aim to build a strong online community around the mint apes. Each Merry Ape Club token (total 8888 tokens/apes) has been given a distinct personality designed by the developers to appeal to people from all walks of life. The idea behind the creation of this club is to encourage people to have a good time by joining in for a journey of virtual fun. The Merry Ape Club NFT collection by facilitating metaverse property buys also aims to promote blockchain investments.


Merry Apes Club NFT consists of eight stages that started from reaching 10% when initial NFT holders joined the Discord community and followed other social media handles. Upon doing this, the first few lucky winners received a cash prize of $2000 before the official launch of the NFT on 20 December 2021.

During the second stage, which begins right after the launch of the Merry Apes Club NFT, people minting 5 Merry Apes will receive one token for free, reaching 20%.

In the third stage - upon reaching 40% Merry Apes Club NFT will host a giveaway wherein select people will receive Rare and SuperRare tokens and also a chance to win 1 of 10 PS5 / Xbox Series.

In the fourth stage, The Merry Apes Club NFT will venture into philanthropy and will donate 50% of the proceeds to help fight poverty in Africa.

On reaching the fifth stage at 60%, the Merry Apes Club NFT will initiate the development of a unique MerryApe Play2Earn (P2E) metaverse game where the holders can use their apes (tokens) as avatars.

In the sixth stage, the NFT holders will be able to purchase a piece of land in metaverse where a number of events could be hosted be it displaying and trading NFTs or even socializing with fellow members of the Merry Apes Club.

In the seventh stage, upon reaching 90%, a massive party will be launched in the metaverse, where holders could meet other MerryApes/friends and could even invite a friend. At this party, holders will even get chances to win competitions and a number of giveaways.

Upon reaching 100% in the eighth stage, when all the 8,888 MerryApes tokens will be sold, the club will host a massive giveaway where a lucky winner will get 1 of 2 Tesla Model 3.



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