Mercury Auto Transport

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Mercury Auto Transport
FoundedNovember 12, 2007; 16 years ago (2007-11-12)[1]
FounderMatthew Sandomir[1]
Headquarters2240 SW 70th, Ave., Suite H, Davie, Florida, U.S.[2]
Key people
Matthew Sandomir (CEO)
Number of employees

Mercury Auto Transport is an American auto shipping company based in Davie, Florida, United States.[2] The company ships vehicles across the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.[3] In 2018, the company increased its reach by automating some of its processes to reach more customers. During the same period, Mercury Auto Transport also recorded a 25% year-on-year growth in its revenue.


2000-2007: Founding and incorporation

Mercury Auto Transport was founded by Matthew Sandomir and incorporated on November 12, 2007.[1] Sandomir’s path to entrepreneurship began while working in restaurants, learning the importance of customer service to business success. He later transitioned to a car shipping company as a sales representative where he was exposed to common customer complaints.[1] He realized that companies that fail to communicate to customers about the sales process are more likely to receive complaints.[4]

After failing to convince the owner to develop a communication system to ensure customer satisfaction, Sandomir decided to build his own auto shipping company and started Mercury Auto Transport.[1]

2007-2016: Creating and testing trade practices

Sandomir and his team focused on developing Mercury Auto Transport’s foundation during the first decade. The team created many trade practices previously unseen in the industry.[4] As the company grew its customer base, Sandomir was able to confirm his assumption that clients are more likely to commission businesses that maintain open communication with their customers.

Sandomir also adopted an approach where clients would only pay the company after making the final approval for a carrier, which was received positively by clients.[4]

2018-present: Growth and development of analytics tool

Mercury Auto Transport experienced its breakthrough in sales in 2018 when it recorded a 25% year-on-year growth. According to Sandomir, the company has maintained this revenue growth for four consecutive years. In 2021, Mercury Auto Transport earned $27.2 million in total sales.[4]

In 2022, Sandomir and his team developed an analytics tool to help customers and suppliers make informed decisions using data that shows previous demands and transactions.[5] The new tool provided by Mercury Auto Transport gives stakeholders access to critical business metrics, such as the number of cars waiting to be shipped all over the US, the total demand in a specific region, and the volume share in any given area. The tool runs on data previously collected by Sandomir beginning in 2019.[5]


Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport carriers are the most common and cost-effective carriers in the auto transport industry. They are the go-to trucks for most auto transport companies as they transport roughly 90% of all auto transport freight each year. They are often characterized by cars stacked at the back of their rigs.[2]

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed carriers function differently than open carriers. They transport cars with a protective transport container that prevents exposure to rain, debris, sleet, snow, ice, and hail. The enclosed transport service is recommended for transporting luxury vehicles.[3]

Flatbed Auto Transport

Flatbed transport carriers haul anything that can’t fit or cannot be loaded onto a standard open auto transport carrier.[3]


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