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Mehmed Şevket Eygi
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Born (1993-02-07) February 7, 1993 (age 29)
DiedJuly 12, 2019(2019-07-12) (aged 26)
Alma materGalatasaray High School
  • Journalist
  • Article Author
  • Columnist

Mehmed Şevket Eygi (7 February 1933, Ereğli - 12 July 2019, Istanbul), Turkish journalist, article author and columnist.

Early life and career

Mehmet Şevket Eygi was born on February 7, 1933 in Ereğli district of Zonguldak as the only child of his family. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Galatasaray High School. Abdi İpekçi, Mümtaz Soysal, Turgay Şeren and Memduh Gökçen became his school friends in Galatasaray High School. Şevket Eygi learned excellent French at Galatsaray High School and took lessons from important teachers such as Orhan Şaik Gökyay, Nihat Sami Banarlı and Ahmet Kutsi Tecer."Mehmed Şevket Eygi kimdir?". Milli Gazete (in Türkçe). Retrieved 2021-01-08.</ref> He studied here with Cemal Süreya and Sezai Karakoç. While studying at the Faculty, he worked as a translator at the French Cultural Center in Ankara.[1] After graduating from university in 1956, he worked as a translator at the Directorate of Religious Affairs for two years. He worked as the private secretary of Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen for a while.[2]


Eygi, who had been interested in journalism since his childhood, had his mother read the magazines Afacan and Çocuk, which he subscribed to when he was 6 years old, and started to publish a magazine called Islam with 10 other friends in 1957. He started publishing the daily Today newspaper in 1966.[3] In order to go on pilgrimage to Mecca in 1969 he left Turkey. He lived in Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany for six years due to the lawsuits against him. His articles were published in various publications including Son Havadis and Son Çağrı after the closure of Today newspaper and weekly Yeni İstiklal and Büyük Gazete, which he published after returning to Turkey in 1974. From 1991 until his death, he wrote his articles in the column titled "Leaves from the Calendar" in Millî Gazete.

Death and legacy

Eygi passed away at 22:30 in the hospital where he was treated for heart disease in Istanbul on 12 July 2019.[4] He was buried in the Merkez Efendi cemetery after his funeral prayer in Fatih Mosque, Istanbul on 13 July 2019. Amongst those who attended his funeral were President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Halûk Dursun, Chairman of the Felicity Party Temel Karamollaoğlu, Vice President of the Justice and Development Party Numan Kurtulmuş, Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, Binali Yıldırım, ministers, some members of parliament, journalists and many citizens.[5][6] Eygi was never married and has no children.


Among the topics he generally touched upon were: Sabbatai Zevi, the Ottoman period, Sufi life, the backwardness of Muslims, anti-madhhab and bid’ah movements within Islam, interfaith dialogue and criticism against them. An excerpt from one of the columns he wrote in Millî Gazete titled "Who are the Certain Pakradunis?":[7]

I do not know how many times I wrote before, but I will write again:

It is impossible to understand modern Turkey without knowing of, learning about, and recognizing the Pakradounis (Bagratuni).[8] We need to know not only about Pakradunis but other Cryptos too. Not for hostility, but to learn and to know. Sabatayists. How many tribes are they divided into? Who are the most fanatical ones? Yakubis, Karakash, Crypto Jews who are not Sabatayists. Those who appear Sunni. Those who appear Alevi. Those Kurdish Jews in disguise. The famous Tekin Alp who attempted to teach Turks nationalism and Turkism. What is his real name? Moiz Kohen. What did he write in his book? Damn the Shariah! A hundred shrewd Pakradunis with a cunning culture are playing ten million Muslims with their fingers. Dear Muslims, you are sleeping in bed, we understand this, but why and how do you sleep while standing, if you could tell us this? Our historians. We also have researchers. Why don't these dignitaries write serious studies, books, scientific articles about the Pakrudunis? Leave these cheap, childish, stupid, and imbecile wishes: Brother, could you give us a list of the main Pakradunis? Would you like their addresses and phone numbers, and should a passport photo be added too? What would civilized Muslims do: Establish scientific research institutes, institutions, libraries, archives, and information storage works. Analysis that takes years. Experts who speak seven or eight languages. Then a synthesis should be done, various books written and published, and society is warned. This is not the job of standing sleepers! This is not like the story of a cat pawing and kidnapping a huge dog! Scholars such as Gershom Scholem and Abraham Galante are needed to write down the Pakradunis. How many languages did Galanti know, do you know? He knew twelve languages. Aramaic, Old Hebrew, Armenian and much more. Scientific research cannot be done by knowing a little English. Elmalılı Hamdi Efendi, who studied in the madrasa, knew perfect Ottoman Turkish, perfect Arabic, perfect Persian and perfect French. Because Galanti was a strong researcher, he published the book "Arabic Letters Are Not an Obstacle to Our Progress" shortly before that alphabet revolution of ours. If he were not Jewish, he would be busted. He avoided being tied up by kinship. How many of us are there among tens of millions of Muslims who can speak Hebrew enough to do scientific and historical research? I don't mean street, marketplace, or hotel reception Hebrew; I call it scientific research, literary Hebrew. 2015 is approaching. How many experts have we trained who can speak perfect Armenian and have learned Armenian culture? How many scientific works have we written to refute Armenian claims? Doing scientific research is not like building modern toilets at mosques and receiving money from those who use them.

I am strongly asking for us to at least memorize the following sentence: Pakradunis being first, without learning and knowing about the Crypto Jews and Crypto Christians in our country, it is impossible to know or understand today's Turkey. And for those who do not want to understand, I have a couple of words for them: If you do not want to learn, then continue to frantically follow the rumors of the FETÖ Community vs. AKP Administration battle. My son Mehmed, continue on this path.

— Mehmet Şevket Eygi


Eygi claimed he was the instigator of the events referred to in the non-fictional biography work Mr. Pipo written by Soner Yalçın. Eygi filed a criminal complaint against the author and the publisher, and won the case.[9]


Some of his works are as follows:

  • The Backbiting Illness
  • Islamic Topics
  • A Few Articles
  • Praying Correctly
  • Jewish Turks or Sabetaists
  • I Am Defending the Ahl al-Sunnah


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