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Matt Maltese
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Background information
Indie rock
  • Musician Singer-songwriter
  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Organ
Years active2015 - Present
  • Atlantic Records UK
  • Café Bleu Recordings
  • Nettwerk Music Group

Matt Maltese is an English singer-songwriter. His style blends elements from Indie pop|Indie pop, Indie rock, and Chamber pop.[1][2] As of August 2021, Maltese has amassed over 3 million List of most-streamed artists on Spotify|monthly listeners on Spotify.[3] His YouTube channel sits at 97 thousand subscribers and has accumulated 31.5 millions video views.[4] Since releasing his debut single "Even If It's a Lie" in 2015, Maltese has released two studio albums, two Extended play|EP's, and fourteen Single (music)|singles.[5] In July 2021, Maltese announced his third studio album, Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow; the album is set to be released in October, 2021.[6]


Maltese was raised in Reading, Berkshire|Reading.[7][1][2] According to an interview with Vice Media|Vice he started writing music at the age of 14.[8] When he was a teenager Maltese began buying and selling Phonograph record|vinyl and with the money he made, moved to Camden Town|Camden, an inner city district of London|London.[1]


2015 - 2017: Soundcloud and early singles

Maltese released his first single, "Even If It's a Lie" on SoundCloud in 2015. After the release of the single, Maltese signed with Café Bleu Recordings, a Atlantic Records|subdivision of Atlantic Records.[2] In 2016, Through Café Bleu Recordings, Maltese released his follow up Extended play|EP titled "In a New Bed"[9] before releasing the single "Vacant in the 21st Century".[10] Maltese released another two singles the following year in 2017, one of which is titled "As the World Caves In"[11] which as Maltese shared in an interview, is about the idea of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May and former President of the United States, Donald Trump deciding to spend a night of Romance (love)|romance together before triggering Nuclear warfare|atomic warfare.[12][13] As of July 2021 "As the World Caves In" has amassed over 120 million streams on Spotify.[14]

2018 - 2019: Bad Contestant and Krystal

In June 2018 Maltese released his debut album Bad Contestant[15] The album was produced by Jonathan Rado of American Indie rock duo Foxygen.[16]

In November 2019 Maltese released Krystal.[17] The album was mostly recorded, produced, and mixed by Maltese in his bedroom studio.[18]

2020 - Present: madhouse and Good Morning It's Now Tomorrow

In April 2020, Maltese released the single Ballad of a Pandemic[19] about the COVID-19 pandemic; the single was released just over a week after COVID-19 lockdowns|lockdown restrictions were imposed in the United Kingdom|United Kingdom.[20]

In August 2020, Maltese released his Extended play madhouse.

In May 2021, Maltese released a single titled "Mystery"[21] He then released another single in July 2021 called "Shoe".[22] "Shoe" was released following the announcement of Maltese's third studio album, Good Morning It's Now Tomorrow, set to release in October 2021.[6]


Studio albums

Title Album details
Bad Contestant
  • Released: 8 June 2018[15]
  • Label: Atlantic Records UK
  • Released: 8 November 2019[17]
  • Label: Nettwerk Music Group
Good Morning It's Now Tomorrow
  • Unreleased
  • Release date: 8 October 2021[23]
  • Label Nettwerk Music Group

Extended plays

Title Details
In a New Bed
  • Released: 22 April 2016[9]
  • Label: Café Bleu Recordings
  • Released: 7 August 2020[24]
  • Label: Nettwerk Music Group


Year Title Album/EP
2015 "Even If It's a Lie"[25] In a New Bed
2016 "Vacant in the 21st Century"[26] Non-album singles
"Strange Time"[26] Bad Contestant
2017 "No One Won The War"[27] Non-albums singles
"Comic Life"[28]
"As the World Caves In"[11] Bad Contestant
2018 "Greatest Comedian"[29]
"Like A Fish"[30]
"Nightclub Love"[31]
"Bad Contestant"[32]
2020 "Tokyo (Italian Version)"[34] Non-album singles
"As the World Caves In (Acoustic)"[36]
"Balled of a Pandemic"[38]
2021 "Mystery"[39] Good Morning It's Now Tomorrow (unreleased)[6]


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