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Matilda Farjallah
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OccupationJournalist, Television Host, and Producer
Spouse(s)Nader Farjallah

Matilda Farjallah (Arabic: ماتيلدا فرج الله) is a Lebanese journalist known for her interviews and writings that address sensitive and pressing issues.[1][2][3]

Early life

Farjallah was born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and an Iraqi father. Her childhood and adolescence were marked by difficult circumstances due to the Lebanese civil war and the challenges she faced in renewing her father's Iraqi nationality.

Farjallah attended Mar Youssef Al-Zuhour School in Zoukak al-Balat and graduated from the literary department. She then pursued a specialization in French literature at the Lebanese University, but her lifelong dream and passion remained in journalism.


She joined Radio Free Lebanon in 1992, where she embarked on a strong and impactful journey in the world of journalism and media.[4] She became known for her notable presence and direct and bold style in her interviews with prominent political figures, including Presidents Harawi, Aoun, Hoss, and Wazan.

Some of her notable programs include " جريئ جدا " on Arab Women's Channel in 2005, " شو مشرعك " and " بتجرد " on NBN in 2000, and " التاريخ يشهد " on LBCI in 2013.[5][6][7] Additionally, she hosted a radio program on Radio Free Lebanon for 23 years, starting in 1996, which was considered the first of its kind. She also produced and presented a specialized program on contentious issues for Arab women on Alhurra from 2012 to 2018.[8][9]


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