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Martin Kolev
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Martin Radoslavov Kolev

March 14, 1978
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Netherlands (permanent residence)
  • Academy of Economics  (BS, BA)
  • University of Phoenix (MBA)
  • European Commission
  • Managing Partner of BILLNET
  • Co-founder of CURMANGE
  • Co-author of “Brain Based Treatment”
Spouse(s)Mariana Koleva
  • Richard Martinov Kolev
  • Ralitsa Martinova Koleva
  • Emma Martin Kolev

Martin R. Kolev, born on March 14, 1978, is a multifaceted visionary entrepreneur, coach, author, and philanthropist. Recognized as a business transformation strategist, inspirational leader, and top-tier mental coach, Kolev has left an indelible mark on various sectors.

From 2013 to 2016, Kolev played a pivotal role in supporting interim C level management for Private Equity offices across the European Union. Additionally, he held several interim positions for Fortune 500 companies in Asia, showcasing his versatility in dynamic business environments.

As the founder and managing partner of BILLNET, a global management consultancy firm established in 2020, Kolev continues to provide strategic advice to corporations, governments, and organizations worldwide. He is also the co-founder of CUREMAGE practice, a service provider offering private treatment programs for mental health and physical issues.

In his quest for positive change, Kolev has extended his influence to the European Commission, where he serves as a valuable member of the advisory team, contributing to the development of strategic initiatives.

Kolev's passion for the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coupled with a keen awareness of its risks, advocating for responsible AI development to avoid potential civilization-threatening consequences.[1].

Early life and education

Born to Bulgarian parents and raised across several European countries, Kolev's nomadic upbringing provided him with unique insights that shaped his diverse approach to business with a global perspective. After completing high school in 1996, he embarked on a journey that led him to the Bulgarian army, where he served as a special agent in the Department of Bulgarian National Security.

Educationally, Kolev attended the Academy of Economics in Bulgaria and later moved to Canada. He earned his bachelor's degree in Finance from the Academy of Economics in Svishtov and further pursued a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management from the University of Phoenix, ranking among the top ten percent of his class.

Business career

Kolev's professional journey of Innovation and transformation began with an internship at Raiffeisen Bank International in 1998, where he excelled in wealth management. His career unfolded with impactful roles at LKW Walter, Canadian National Railway, and Canada Cartage System, showcasing his ability to lead and transform operations on a global scale.

In 2013, Kolev collaborated with McKinsey & Company, contributing his strategic expertise in various international assignments. Subsequently, he joined the Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) in 2016 as Vice President and COO, playing a key role in the company's significant transformations and successful acquisitions.

The establishment of BILLNET in 2020 marked a new chapter for Kolev, where he leverages his extensive experience to provide strategic consultancy services to a diverse clientele.

Political Involvement and Global Leadership

In 2018, Kolev emerged as a "Mediator for Positive Change" in the realm of global politics. His pivotal role as a neutral political mediator at a confidential peace conference in Singapore showcased his commitment to fostering positive transformations in international relations. This profound experience not only solidified Kolev's leadership position but also marked a significant contribution to shaping the course of geopolitics with a focus on harmony and constructive change.[2]

Influences and Teachings

Guided by mentors like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, Kolev's personal development journey reflects a commitment to continuous growth and positive change. These influential coaches shaped his mindset, emphasizing the power of self-improvement and the impact of one's thoughts on life's outcomes.


As a co-author of the book "Brain-Based Treatment: A New Approach or a Well-Forgotten Old One? Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy," Kolev explores addiction and its consequences, offering a fresh perspective on mental health.


Kolev's philanthropic endeavours extend beyond business. In 2019, he generously donated profits from his co-authored books, along with a personal contribution, to foster homes across Europe. This initiative reflects his commitment to improving the living conditions and care within foster systems on the continent.

In summary, Martin Kolev's remarkable journey as an entrepreneur, global leader, and philanthropist underscores his commitment to positive change and innovation. His diverse experiences, coupled with a passion for AI ethics and global politics, position him as a thought leader shaping the future and making a difference of business and society.


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