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Mark Siddall
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Other namesThe leech guy
Alma materUniversity of Toronto
Years active1999-present

Mark Siddall is a Canadian[1] biologist. Siddall has studied the evolution and systematics of blood parasites and leeches, and systematic theory[2]. He was formerly a curator at the American Museum of Natural History. In September 2020, Siddall was fired from the American Museum of Natural History for violating sexual harassment guidelines[3].


Siddall completed a Masters[4] and PhD[5] under the supervision of Sherwin S. Desser at the University of Toronto in 1991 and 1994, respectivel


After completing his PhD, Siddall completed a postdoc at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science[2]. Subsequently, he was a fellow in the Michigan Society of Fellows from 1996 - 1999[6]. Siddall was hired as an assistant curator at the American Museum of Natural History in 1999[1] and served there as a curator until 2020[3]. He has written a popular science book, Poison: Sinister Species with Deadly Consequences[7].


Siddall studies phylogenetics and evolution[8]. He began his career publishing on blood parasites[9]. He has published extensively on leech systematics[10][11].

Siddall has been described as "a staunch supporter of parsimony and a harsh critic of maximum likelihood approaches” to inferring phylogenies[2]; notably, Siddall was involved in the Twitter controversy #Parsimonygate in 2016[12].

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