Mark Juncaj

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Mark Juncaj
Mark juncaj image.JPG
Born (1976-08-28) August 28, 1976 (age 47)
Farmington hills, MI
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationOakland community college
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fitness Model
  • Humanitarian
  • Kola Juncaj (father)
  • Tolja Juncaj (mother)
  • Pietro Juncaj (brother)
  • Lula and Hana Juncaj (sister)

Mark Juncaj (born 28 August 1976, Farmington Hills, MI) is an American/Albanian mentor, spokesperson, and fitness model.[1] Juncaj is widely recognized for helping people afflicted with alcohol addiction. Juncaj is best known for his sales and public speaking skills. He leverages social media to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle and motivate them to overcome addictions that plague their physiological and psychological health.[2]

Juncaj is best known for having a toned physique, disciplined diet and has worked with numerous clothing companies and supplement brands. He was also recognized as Michigan's sexiest man. Juncaj has been featured in several media outlets including, NY Weekly, Thrive Global, US Reporter, Kivo Daily, and others.[3]

Early life and education

Juncaj was born on 28 August, 1986 to Kola Juncaj and Tolja Juncaj in Farmington hills, Michigan. Juncaj attended Clarenceville High School and then went to Oakland community college. Juncaj was involved in several sports such as baseball, football, ice hockey, basketball and was a two-time batting champion.[4][5]


Juncaj was a former athlete and had a promising career ahead of him, which he could not pursue because of his alcohol addiction.[6] Juncaj, after overcoming his addiction, dedicated his life to helping others suffering from the same affliction. He devoted his time to maintaining his physical fitness and pursuing a career as a fitness model. Juncaj soon gained recognition for his hard work and great physique, which resulted in him landing multiple modeling jobs at clothing companies and for supplement brands.[7]

Juncaj, in no time, became a social media influencer and started using his outreach to inspire people and help them to overcome addictions. He has helped multiple victims of addiction to overcome their problems and ultimately regain physiological and psychological health.[8]

Juncaj will release his first book in 2021, which is focused on his journey of battling addiction.[9]


Juncaj was a former Michigan's sexiest man.

Personal Life

Juncaj has a brother and two sisters named Pietro, Lula and Hana Juncaj.[10]



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