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Mariela Anchipi (Buenos Aires, Argentina; June 29 of 1977), better known as La Chipi, is a dancer, choreographer, vedette and model argentine who is the wife of the comedian, :es:Dady Brieva|Dady Brieva, and together they have two children, Felipe and Rosario.[1][2]

Mariela was in all editions of the program of reality Argentine, Showmatch, a dance program, where she was the choreographer of figures such as Dady Brieva, Julio Iglesias, Jr., Luciana Salazar, Nicole Neumann, Iliana Calabró, Hernán Piquín, among others.


Mariela Anchipi was born on June 29 of 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Is a dancer since she was a child and from a young age a classical dancer, at 18 she had an affair with her as a classical music dancer, Hernán Piquín, but they were only engaged for a few months. In 2001, was as a dancer in the television program, Petti en vivo, she said that she was accused by the host, Roberto Pettinato, and she also explicitly said that she groped her and licked her back, and many dancers from the program also reported the same events, although she decided not to report Pettinato.[3] Mariela met her current husband (Dady Brieva) in the group MiDaChi, in which she was a dancer, in 2006 she was her choreographer, in 2008 they began their courtship, and they married in 2012, and They have two children, Felipe Brieva, who was born in 2010 and Rosario Brieva, who was born in 2013. She was many times in Showmatch and many times she went very far in the dance competition, she was twice runner-up, and twice winner [4]

On the television program, Infama, they claimed that Mariela had undergone more than 9 operations, but Chipi denied this saying that she had only entered the operating room once, and that it was for health, not for aesthetics. Anchipi was also a participant, in 2017 he participated with Mauro Caiazza and his choreographer was Matías Ramos, from the rhythm of Disco Music to the rhythm of Tango and from the Merengue to the rhythm of Tribute (only two rhythms) was Georgina Tirotta, Chipi was eliminated along with Jey Mammon against Micaela Viciconte. [5]

In 2018 she was part of the "BAR-SM" (Video assistant referee) together with Lourdes Sánchez and Jorge Moliniers, they could go up or down a point depends on whether there was an error in the choreography, and it was Natalie Weber's replacement in the Duel of the Freedom [6]and in the Synchronization. [7] In 2019 Mariela was a participant with Jorge Moliniers, but entered the fourth rhythm of the contest (Argentine Cumbia) and her choreographer was María Valencia, and they were eliminated in the rhythm of Argentine Rock.[8] In 2021 she entered the fifth rhythm of the contest (Ballroom dance) as a replacement for Sofía "Jujuy" Jiménez [9] [10] and entered as the official starter in the rhythm of Argentine Cumbia| Cumbia with Nicolás Schell and his coach was Antonella Campaniello, but they were eliminated in the following rhythm (Salsa|Trio sauce) that he did together with Dan Breitman.[11][12]

Anchipi currently has a project with her three sisters, about the remodeling of an apartment.[13]



Year Program Rol Notes Channel
2001 Petti en vivo Dancer Staff dancer Azul TV
2006 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 1 Choreographer Choreographer of Dady Brieva and Maria Leonor Ocha
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|Canal Trece
2006 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2 Choreographer Choreographer of Miguel del Sel and Maria Leonor Ochoa
«8° Eliminated»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|Canal Trece
2006 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 3 Choreographer Choreographer of Luciana Salazar and Luís David Jazmín
«10° Eliminated»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|Canal Trece
2007 Bailando por un sueño 2007|Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2007 Choreographer Choreographer of Iliana Calabró and Maximiliano Diorio
«15° Eliminated»
File:Canal13 logo.png|left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|Canal Trece
Choreographer of Claudia Fernández and Maximiliano Diorio
«20° Eliminated»
2008 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2008 Choreographer Coreógrafa de Carolina Baldini y Paulo Pederna
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
2009 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño Kids Choreographer Choreographer of Paulo Maurizi and Candela Rodríguez
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
El Musical de tus Sueños Choreographer Choreographer of Nicole Neumann
«10° Eliminated»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
2010 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2010 Choreographer Choreographer of Luciana Salazar and :es:Pier Fritzsche|Pier Fritzsche
«Luciana Salazar voluntarily abandons»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
2011 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2011 Choreographer Choreographer of Hernán Piquín and Noelia Pompa
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
2012 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2012 Choreographer Choreographer of Hernán Piquín and Noelia Pompa
«Voluntarily abandoned»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
Susana Giménez Invited Guest multiple times with Dady Brieva left|frameless|22x22pxTelefe
2014 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2014 Choreographer Choreographer of Hernán Piquín y Cecilia Figaredo
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
2015 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2015 Choreographer Choreographer of Luciana Salazar and Jorge Moliniers
«15° Eliminated»
left|frameless|22x22pxEltrece|el trece
La Noche de Mirtha Legrand Invited Invited multiple times left|frameless|22x22pxeltrece
2016 Bailando 2016|Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2016 Choreographer Choreographer of Julio Iglesias, Jr. and Julieta Vaccarelli
«2° Eliminated»
File:Isotipo eltrece 2016.png|left|frameless|22x22pxeltrece
Invited Favio Posca
Choreographer Choreographer of Nicole Neumann and Jorge Moliniers
«20° Eliminated»
Morfi, todos a la mesa Invited left|frameless|22x22pxTelefe|Telefé
2017 Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2017 Participant Participant with Mauro Caiazza
«16° Eliminated»
2018 Bailando 2018|Showmatch: Bailando por un sueño 2018 BAR-SM Lourdes Sánchez and Jorge Moliniers File:Eltrece logotipo 2021.jpg|left|frameless|22x22pxeltrece
Replacement Replacement of Natalie Weber [15]
La peña de Morfi Invited left|frameless|22x22pxTelefe|Telefé
2019 Showmatch: Súper Bailando Participant Participant with Jorge Moliniers
«8° Eliminated»
2019 Chismoses Invited frameless|22x22pxNet TV (Argentina)|Net TV
Pasapalabra Invited Contestant invited left|frameless|22x22pxeltrece
2020 El muro infernal Contestant Contestant invited left|frameless|22x22pxTelefé
2021 Showmatch La Academia Participant Participant with Nicolás Schell
«10° Eliminated»


Year Name Rol Ref
2017-2018 Thriller Protagonist [16]


Year Program Ref
2018 Somos Radio AM 530 [17]
2019 Radio Mitre [18]
2021 Agarrate Catalina - La Once Diez [19]


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