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Mak Hubjer
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Alma materAcademy of Fine Arts
  • Visual artist
  • Artist of social practice

Mak Hubjer (born 1993) is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian visual artist and artist of social practice. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 2018 and obtained his master's degree from the Art Academy in Split, Department of Painting. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists-Split.[1] His work has been exhibited at numerous national and international exhibitions. His artistic practices encompass both performative and visual elements, including paintings and mixed-material installations. In 2016, he founded the Brodac Gallery[2] Sarajevo and continues to serve as its director.


Hubjer is known for his diverse range of work that explores the relationships between public space, memory, and monuments. His practice delves into the phenomenology of socio-political relations, often challenging and questioning conventional perceptions. Drawing inspiration from urban settings[3], Hubjer engages with public spaces to investigate the deconstruction, revelation, or revitalization of the connections between monuments, public spaces, and collective memory[4]. While his work draws from universally familiar concepts, it is often deeply rooted in his immediate surroundings. In recent years, Hubjer has drawn inspiration from his local community, aiming to present competing memories that exist within other societies.

Hubjer is acutely aware that the links between identity and monuments constitute not only socio-political borders but also cultural and semiotic boundaries[5]. These connections evoke imaginative spaces that vary among the communities that lay claim to them. In response, he introduces alternative artistic approaches to unveil the underlying tensions not only in certain historical narratives conveyed through art in urban settings but also in the unpredictable processes of distortion, reinterpretation, and erasure that occur.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2022: "Clear Conscience/In the Shadow" at Waldinger Gallery-Osijek
  • 2022: "Poetics of Memory" at Karas Art Hub-Zagreb[6]
  • 2022: "FLAGS" at Salon Galić-Split[7]
  • 2022: "Clear Conscience/In the Shadow" at Shira Gallery-Zagreb[8]
  • 2021: "Clear Conscience/In the Shadow" at Galerija Kortil-Rijeka[9]
  • 2021: "Clear Conscience Video Salon" at Info Zona-Split[10]
  • 2021: "Clear Conscience/In the Shadow" at Gallery of Fine Arts-Split[11]
  • 2021: "Clear Conscience/In the Shadow" at Zlatna Vrata, Split[12]
  • 2019: "Clear Conscience" at FRAC Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
  • 2019: "900/Novecento ft Max Papeschi" at The Historical Museum of BiH[13]
  • 2019: "Piano, Piano" at Zvono Gallery[14]
  • 2018: "Piano/Visual Introduction" at Gallery Charlama[15]
  • 2018: "Clear Conscience" at Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo[16]
  • 2016: "Venice Biennale of Architecture/Urban Think Tank"[17]
  • 2016: "Re-fju-dži Exhibition" at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich[18]
  • 2016: "Re-fju-dži Exhibition" at Presevo (Serbia)[19]
  • 2015: "Live from Zurich" - Performance (live painting) at PHS[20]
  • 2014: "Live from Srebrenica"[21]

Collective Exhibitions

  • 2022: "SouthWest–NorthEast" at Uniarts-Kuva/Tila-Helsinki[22]
  • 2022: "57th Zagreb Salon" - Curated by Leila Topić at Meštrović Pavilion[23]
  • 2022: "Collection Pierre Courtin" at KRAK-Bihać (BiH)[24]
  • 2022: "ReMemory" at Brodac Gallery Sarajevo[25]
  • 2021: "Almissa Open Art Festival" at Omiš (Croatia)[26]
  • 2021: "(a)political landscape" at Art Centar Gračanica (BiH)[27]
  • 2020: "Outer Self" at EastTopic Gallery, Budapest[28]
  • 2018: "Sarajevo storage" at IGP, Tuzla
  • 2018: "Sarajevo storage" at National Gallery of BiH[29]
  • 2018: "BJCEM Landscapes" - Curated by Salvatore Tramacere[30]
  • 2018: "No budget Biennale" at Charlama Gallery - Curated by Jusuf Hadžifejzović
  • 2017: "Yebiha" at Collegium Artisticum - Curated by Sanela Nuhanović[31]
  • 2016: "Dislocation" at Collegium Artisticum - Curated by Sanela Nuhanović
  • 2015: "Passage" in Sarajevo - Curated by Bojan Stojčić
  • 2015: "Tramvaj u Zvonu" at Gallery Zvono[32]
  • 2015: "Izložba na Šinama" in Sarajevo[33]
  • 2015: "Bahanalije" at In situ art fest-Kino 1. Maj

Mak Hubjer's work is a testament to his deep exploration of the intersections of public space, memory, and the socio-political landscape, offering a unique perspective on the relationships between monuments and collective memory.


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