Maharaja Atithi

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Maharaja Atithi
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  • Kusha (father)
  • Kumudvatī (mother)

Cantos sixteen to nineteen of the Ānanda Rāmāyaṇadescribes Kushas marriage with the Naga Queen Kumudvatī. While residing in Ayodhya in the summer, Kusha goes to the Sarayu to bathe with the ladies of the court. While sporting in the river, he loses a great gem bestowed to him by his father. In anger, Kusha threatens to shoot an arrow into the river, whereupon the river parted revealing Kumudvatī. Cantos seventeen describes the final years of Kusha. Kusha and Kumudvati have a son named Atithi, who becomes heir to the kingdom. Kusha engages in a battle with a demon and gives his life in the process of slaying his adversary. Cantos eighteen and nineteen describe the 21 Kings that succeeded Atithi.

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