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Maël Péneau
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Born1980 (age 40–41)
Other namesMaelstrom
  • DJ
  • composer
  • producer of electronic music

Maël Péneau (born in 1980 in Nantes), better known by the stage name of Maelstrom is a French DJ, composer and Music producer of electronic music


Musical Career


In 1996, he discovers electronic music by attending illegal rave parties organized in France by nomadic Sound system (DJ)|sound systems such as Spiral Tribe or Heretik System before joining the Nantes collective Karbon 14 with which he starts organizing free parties throughout France [1]. He quickly launches into music production and publishes more than fifteen techno and Hardtechno records under many pseudonyms between 1998 and 2002 [1]. In 2005, he participates in creating the Sweat Lodge collective in Nantes, which aims to create hybrid events by mixing performing arts, circus, fairground esthetics and sound system culture.


In 2009, he joins the Expressillon label, alongside musicians such as 69 DB, Interlope or Spiral Tribe. From 2010 in 2010, he starts releasing records on international record labels such as Boys Noize|Boysnoize Records, and on French labels Sound Pellegrino or Bromance records. His music starts being played regularly on national and international radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, France Inter[2], or NTS Radio[3], and he's also invited to perform at a Boiler Room (music broadcaster)|Boiler Room event in Berlin [4]. His career develops internationally and he starts playing in clubs and festivals across the world, from Berlin to Mexico City, Tokyo, Sydney or Cape Town [5]. In 2013, he meets the American singer and DJ Louisahhh with whom he produces four EPs for the Bromance record label [6][7]. At the same time, he also meets The Hacker and Gesaffelstein and joins the roster of their record label, on which he releases six EPs [8]. In 2015, Louisahhh and Maelstrom decide to create their own record label, RAAR [9][10], on which he releases several EPs [11] before delivering his first album in 2017 [12]. At the same time, he produces hip-hop instrumentals for American rappers like 21 Savage or Hoodrich Pablo Juan in collaboration with Brodinski [13].


After the release of his album, Maelstrom puts the focus back on raves and club music, with a series of records published in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia, and inspired by the pioneers of electronic music and techno, from Juan Atkins to Aphex Twin or Underground Resistance [14]. He also collaborates with the Bordeaux based musician Djedjotronic in the Lost Echoes project, built around Musical improvisation|improvisation practices on synthesizers and analog drum machines, with one of their performances being screened on the franco-german TV station Arte [15].

Academic Background

After studying culture and communication in Nantes and Montpellier in the early 2000's, he enrolls in a Master's degree at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, and graduates in 2018 after having presented a thesis entitled "French techno music: careers, devices and creative processes", under the supervision of ethnomusicologist Emmanuelle Olivier. He becomes a Doctoral student at the EHESS in 2018, within the Georg Simmel Center, and undertakes research work on digital musical creation practices in the home studios of Senegalese beatmakers, under the direction of Laure Schnapper and Emmanuelle Olivier. In 2019, he joins the AFRINUM research project, funded by the French National Research Agency [16][17].



  • 2017 in music|2017 - Her Empty Eyes


  • 2009 in music|2009 - Il Traffico
  • 2010 in music|2010 - Different Train
  • 2011 in music|2011 - Tanger
  • 2012 in music|2012 - USSR
  • 2012 in music|2012 - Génération
  • 2012 in music|2012 - Catharsis
  • 2013 in music|2013 - Translations (with Louisahhh)
  • 2013 in music|2013 - Resistance
  • 2014 in music|2014 - Traces (with Louisahhh)
  • 2014 in music|2014 - Adversarial Design
  • 2014 in music|2014 - Discord
  • 2015 in music|2015 - RAAR001 (with Louisahhh and Roijacker)
  • 2015 in music|2015 - Friction (with Louisahhh)
  • 2015 in music|2015 - Optics
  • 2016 in music|2016 - RAAR002 (with Specialivery)
  • 2016 in music|2016 - RAAR004 (with Louisahhh)
  • 2017 in music|2017 - Acid Avengers 06 (with Defekt)
  • 2018 in music|2018 - ECZO
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Alph4
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Fragment
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Snow Falls Remixes
  • 2019 in music|2019 - Heat Wave
  • 2019 in music|2019 - Spasm / Turbulence
  • 2019 in music|2019 - Backseat
  • 2019 in music|2019 - Silence is Violence (with Louisahhh)
  • 2019 in music|2019 - Detection
  • 2020 in music|2020 - Ascender (with Louisahhh)
  • 2020 in music|2020 - Archaea


  • 2013 in music|2013 - Louisahhh - Transcend
  • 2016 in music|2016 - Brodinski - The Sour Patch Kid
  • 2017 in music|2017 - Brodinski - Brain Disorder
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Brodinski & Hoodrich Pablo Juan - The Matrix
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Brodinski Feat Peewee Longway - Split
  • 2018 in music|2018 - Brodinski & Lil Reek - Rock Out


  • Noob - Spell (Maelstrom Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
  • Wordlife - Vision (Teki Latex|Tekilatex & Maelstrom Remix) [Motorik!]
  • Birdy Nam Nam - Parache (Maelstrom Remix)
  • Pedro Winter|Busy P - Still Busy (Maelstrom Remix) [Ed Banger Records|Ed Banger]
  • Joris Delacroix - Air France (Maelstrom Remix) [Way Of House]
  • Bobmo - Hotspot (Maelstrom Remix) [Marble]
  • Owlle - Don't Lose It (Maelstrom Remix) [Sony Music]
  • Cora Novoa - In Your Mind (Maelstrom Remix) [Seeking The Velvet]
  • Louisahhh - Feral Rhythm (Maelstrom Remix) [RAAR]
  • Luxus Varta - Fade Away (Maelstrom Remix) [In Abstracto]
  • Blind Delon - I Have No Fear (Maelstrom Remix) [Innervision]

In the media



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