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Luna Stone
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Background information
Years active2019 - present
Associated actsJulie ZENATTI
  • Léa Aubert
  • Mathieu Bréant

Luna Stone is a pop duo hailing from Normandy consisting of Léa and Mathieu. The group was created in January 2019 and within a year of its formation, Luna Stone has performed in over fifteen concerts including, the opening set for Julie ZENATTI on her summer tour with the daily LA PROVENCE.[1]

Luna Stone is best known for their album A Dozen and has worked with one of the leading music producers PETE MARTIN, who has been associated with industry giants - Adèle, Sam Smith, One Direction, Alex Hepburn, and others.[2][3]

Luna Stone has gained much popularity since its foundation and is on the path to becoming one of the most celebrated Pop Bands of all time. The group has been featured in several media outlets such as France 3, France BLEU, Radio 666, TV program ENSEMBLE C'EST BETTER, CAEN MAG, and others.[4]


Luna Stone was founded in 2019, when Mathieu Bréant, a former member of the MAD CITY Group, crossed paths with Léa Aubert, a Gemmology graduate.

Léa Aubert was born in July 1992 and was passionate about music since her childhood. She pursued a degree in Gemmology, but at the age of 28, Aubert decided to follow her passion for music and started exploring her options.

Mathieu Bréant was born on March 23, 1988, and was previously engaged in the music industry. While growing up, Breant collaborated on various Pop-Rock projects from 2006 to 2018 with numerous notable stage openings with Matmatah, Colonel Reyel, BB Brunes, Mademoiselle K, Louis Bertignac. He later pursued a degree in Management alongside following a promising career in the music industry.

In the initial stage of the formation of Luna Stone, both Aubert and Breant started their rehearsal sessions, which resulted in the release of their single songs on Soundcloud. Soon, Breant left the MAD CITY Group to devote more time to Luna Stone. Within a few months, the duo started getting recognition in the regional media and was eventually offered the opportunity to open for the renowned singer Julie ZENATTI during her summer tour of NIGHTS OF PROVENCE in 2019.

Soon Luna Stone started working on their first EP with the international music producer PETE MARTIN who has worked with leading music artists like Adèle, Sam Smith, One Direction, Alex Hepburn, and others. At the beginning of 2020, Luna Stone collaborated with François WELGRYN, a leading lyricist, melodist, and publisher who has worked with the likes of Kendji Girac, Johnny and David Halliday, Céline Dion, and Amel Bent. François WELGRYN and Luna Stone worked on the creation of the first single entitled POP ET LUNAIRE in accordance with the personalities of Breant and Aubert. POP ET LUNAIRE is set to be released in 2021.

Personal life

Léa, while growing up, was influenced by artists like Alex Hepburn, Hailey Reinhart, Selah Sue, Rihanna, and Mathieu by The Libertines, Queen, Oasis, and more particularly the songwriting of Noël Gallagher.


  • Héros De L'ombre
  • Pain Killer
  • Silent Empire
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Brittany Birthface
  • Dame Blanche

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