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Ludwig Ahgren
Personal information
BornLudwig Anders Ahgren
(1995-07-06) July 6, 1995 (age 28)
  • BA in English Literature
  • BA in Journalism
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
  • Live streamer
  • YouTuber
  • Entrepreneur
  • Actor
  • Esports commentator
Twitch information
Also known asLudwig
Years active2018-present
Followers345 thousand
(May 18, 2020)
Total views4.35 million
(May 18, 2020)
YouTube information
Subscribers414 thousand[1]
(May 18, 2020)
Total views89 million[1]
(May 18, 2020)

Ludwig Anders Ahgren (/ɑːgrən/; born July 6, 1995) is an American streamer, YouTube personality, entrepreneur, actor, and Super Smash Bros. Melee Esports commentator and competitor.[2] Ahgren is best known for his live streams on Twitch, where he broadcasts video game related content along with non-video game related content such as game shows and reactions to internet videos. He is also known for his commentary at various Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments. Since beginning streaming full time in 2018, Ahgren has developed a cult following of loyal fans, and launched the Mogul Moves clothing brand.[3] At one point he was considered the 'fastest button-masher in the world.'[4]

Melee career and early life

Growing up in a French American bilingual household with his mother and sister in New Hampshire, Ahgren graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Competing under the gamertag Ludwig as a Melee competitor, Ahgren has seen limited but notable success. At Smash the Record 2017, Ahgren took sets off of two of the top 104 ranked Melee players in the world at the time, Team Liquid's Chillindude[5][6] and Tempo Storm's Vro.[7][8][9] Ahgren also took a game off of the 12th ranked player in the world, Westballz,[10] at Elysium #2, later losing the set 1-2.[11] Ahgren has achieved much more success as a Melee commentator, calling matches at many Melee tournaments, including the GENESIS series.[12]

In 2019, Ahgren would later have a rematch with Chillindude at Mainstage, a Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate national tournament in Ontario, California, where Ahgren would lose to Chillindude 4-5 in a grudge match in which each competitor wagered $100.[13]

In 2018, Ahgren organized a $1000 winner-take-all invitational Melee netplay tournament titled the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series, which was won by Counter Logic Gaming's SFAT.[14] On April 13, 2020, Ahgren announced a successor to the first Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series titled, Worldwide Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series. It was announced that the Worldwide Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series would feature tournaments on the east and west coasts of the United States.[15] With an announced prize pool of $10,000, the Worldwide Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series will have the largest prize pot of any Melee netplay tournament.[16]

Streaming career

Ahgren began streaming part-time on May 16, 2018.[17] While streaming part time, Ahgren worked various jobs around the Los Angeles area such as a marketing team member at Chinese vape company, IQ Vapes, and as customer support for Apple. After disclosing to his live stream audience that he had quit his job at Apple, (later admitting over a year later that he was actually fired), he dedicated himself to streaming full time as a career. Ahgren's stream began to gain traction in the fall of 2019 after he began uploading a playthrough of Pokémon Black 2 to his YouTube channel, because he would name each Pokémon he caught in game after a member of in his channel's chat, his which attracted a peak viewership of 4,926 on the day of the playthrough's completion.[18] The Pokémon streams are characteristic of his style of live stream, as many have historically revolved around viewer engagement, such as viewer talent shows[19][20] and art contests.[21] One of his most popular streams that he titles an "Amazon Stream", a stream in which viewers submit items on Amazon for him to purchase, has lead to viewers submitting NSFW content.[22] Ahgren's YouTube channel began growing in popularity after he began uploading highlights from his stream's Pokémon content, along with speedruns of Super Mario 64, playthroughs of Poly Bridge, Super Monkey Ball and other video games. Viewers who discovered Ahgren through YouTube began tuning into his Twitch streams, and Ahgren attributes his success to his increased amount of YouTube uploads.[23] Slowly, his streams began increasing in viewership, along with his subscriber count. As of May 18th, 2020, Ahgren has one of the top 20 most subscribed channels on all of Twitch.[24] Ahgren's Twitch stream pulled a career high 15,973 concurrent viewers and 30,185 unique viewers on a stream in April 13, 2020 where he shaved his head.[25]

Ahgren and a few other Melee competitors and personalities, including Mew2King and Plup, were invited by 2016 Pokémon World Champion Wolfe Glick to compete in a invitational tournament for Pokémon Sword and Shield,[26] where he would end up winning the entire event.[27][28] Ahgren also won an invitational tournament organized by Americas Cardroom to crown the 'King of Twitch Poker', defeating Mang0 and Destiny in the process.[29][30]

In 2019, Ahgren launched the Mogul Moves line of clothing. While mainly selling sweatshirts and hoodies, most displaying the phrase "Mogul Moves" in varsity font, Ahgren in the past has organized contests where his viewers create designs for him to sell on T-shirts and stickers, with the creators of the winning designs earning a portion of the profits. [31] For the Melee tournament GENESIS 7, Ahgren signed Melee player Zain "Zain" Naghmi to a short-term deal where Zain would wear a recently released Mogul Moves sweatshirt at the event.[32] Ahgren promised his viewers that if Zain won the entire event that he would release a limited edition bomber jacket. On the final day of competition in the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, Zain defeated Hungrybox to win the entire event,[33] and Ahgren ended up releasing the bomber jacket shortly after. It was reported by close friends of Ahgren, Brandon Ewing and Nathan Stanz, the general manager of esports organization Gen.G, on their podcast, Esportsmanlike Conduct, that Ahgren sold $100,000 of merchandise on May 10, 2020, when his release of Mogul Moves merchandise sold out in just over thirty minutes.

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