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Lorenzo Ostuni (Turin, 7 April 1995), better known as Favij, is an Italian YouTuber


Born on 7 April 1995 in Turin, he moved with his family to the nearby town of Borgaro Torinese at the age of three. In 2011 he opens a channel on the YouTube platform called TheSharedGaming with two friends, publishing some gameplay videos. At the end of 2012[1] he opens his own channel, called FavijTV, continuing his business alone.[2][3]

Within a few years it reached one million subscribers, receiving the Silver Creator Award in 2013 and the Gold Creator Award in 2014 from YouTube.[4]


In 2015 his film debut arrives by joining the cast of the film Game Therapy directed by Ryan Travis, in which he is the protagonist.[5] Also in 2015 he published his first book, Sotto le cuffie, published by Mondadori, which sold more than 100,000 copies.[6] In the same year, Panini Group|Panini dedicated a series of collectible stickers to him,[7] of which one and a half million were sold in the space of a month.[6]

In 2016, he had his first television experience in the game show Social Face, broadcast on Sky Uno,[8] and begins to fill some small roles as a voice actor in animated films.[9][10][11] Starting from the same year, Giochi Preziosi produces a paper converting line with its image.[6]

In 2017, he is among the judges of the Just Dance World Cup[12].

In 2018, he published his second book, The Cage. Uno di noi mente, published by Mondadori, which made his debut in first place among Italian novels.[13] In the same year he was among the protagonists of the TV documentary Social Dream directed by Tak Kuroha, exclusive to Sky.[14] In December, it reaches 5 million subscribers, becoming the first Italian YouTuber by number of subscribers.[15]

Also in the same year he made a brief appearance in the YouTube Rewind 2018, known as the video with the most "dislikes" in the history of YouTube.[16]

In June 2019, he opens a second YouTube channel called JIVAF which gets 183,686 subscribers in the first 24 hours alone, establishing a new national record.[17][18][19]

In December 2021, he returns to the film industry by participating in the film Mollo tutto e apro un chiringuito.[20]



  • Game Therapy, directed by Ryan Travis (2015)
  • Mollo tutto e apro un chiringuito, directed by Pietro Belfiore, Davide Bonacina, Andrea Fadenti, Andrea Mazzarella e Davide Rossi (2021)


  • Ti amo inutilmente - Antonello Venditti (2015)
  • Tu sei - Gabry Ponte feat. Danti (2017)

Dubbing from English to Italian

  • Zed in Ratchet & Clank (2016)
  • Jimmy in Ralph breaks the Internet (2018)
  • Spiritello in Onward (2020)

TV shows

  • Social Face, Sky Uno (2016-2018)
  • Just Dance World Cup, Real Time (2017) – judge
  • |Fufforial, Sky Uno (2018, 1st episode)
  • Social Dream, Sky Generation (2018)

Awards and nominations

  • Webboh Awards
    • 2019, category Gamer (won)
  • Web Show Awards
    • 2014, category Gamers (won)
  • Web Star Awards
    • 2017, category Gameplay (nominated)


  • Ostuni, Lorenzo (2015). Sotto le cuffie (in italiano). Milan: Mondadori Electa. ISBN 978-88-918-0269-9.
  • Ostuni, Lorenzo (2018). The Cage. Uno di noi mente (in italiano). Milan: Mondadori Electa. ISBN 978-88-918-1507-1.
  • Ostuni, Lorenzo (2020). The Cage. L'arena (in italiano). Milan: Mondadori Electa. ISBN 978-88-918-2091-4.


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