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Longevity Mountain Herbs
IndustryAlternative Medicine
Founded1998; 26 years ago (1998)
FounderMark Hammer
HeadquartersHouston, TX

Longevity Mountain Herbs is a North American herbal company founded in 1998 by Mark Hammer, a renowned master herbalist, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.[1] It is best known for the practice of Chinese medicine using Chinese herbal formulas to correct patient maladies.[2] Chinese medicine assessment, nutrition or “food therapy”, lifestyle consultation is provided to clients. The ingredients Mr. Hammer utilizes, are from all over the world including Chinese, Ayurvedic, Native American ingredients.[3][4][5][6]

Mr. Hammer has developed his own line of herb products and customizes them as per client’s specific needs. In addition to working with clients, Longevity Mountain Herbs works with client’s pets and farm animals.[7]

Longevity Mountain Herbs aspires to assist the practice of alternative medicine by combining many herbal medicine systems.[8][9]


Herbalist Mark Hammer, C.M.H., created Longevity Mountain Herbs in 1998.[10] Hammer created herbal formulae based on his knowledge of herbology gleaned from a variety of sources around the world. He worked as an apprentice under George Chun, who had a significant impact on Longevity Mountain Herbs' conviction in traditional Chinese medicine as opposed to the North American understanding of Chinese medicine.[11] Mr. Hammer studied Chinese medicine at the Scientific American Hanyak Institute under Dr. Chun’s tutelage. From 2000-03 where he was given certification from Level I to Advanced practitioner of Chinese medicine.[12] In 2002, Mr. Hammer developed a simpler Chinese medicine assessment format with metrics. In 2003, He developed formulas for most mental health conditions. He has been a student and practiced as a master herbalist for the last 30 plus years.[13] He is well versed in Native American, South American, European, Egyptian, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, African, and Chinese medicine. The concept that incorporating a global corpus of herbal knowledge is more significant than a single geographical source, underpins formula creation. However, he has been profoundly affected by Asian medicine in terms of utilizing herbal knowledge. When employed in various herbal medicine techniques, the diagnostics and understanding of natural medicine material are incredibly beneficial and synergistic.[14]

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Products and services

Longevity Mountain offers a range of GMP certified herbal remedies for chronic, and long-term ailments. The diverse areas covered include:

  • Animal Health
  • Arm Health
  • Athletic Performance
  • Skin and Beauty
  • Breath Health
  • Circulatory Health
  • Cold and Flu
  • Detox and Elimination
  • Diabetes Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Energy Health
  • Eye and Ear Health
  • Diabetes Health
  • Digestion Health
  • Leg Health
  • Immunity Health
  • Men & Women Health
  • Pain Health
  • Senior Health
  • Tumor Health
  • Sexual Performance
  • Weight Loss

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