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Lonely Gods Club NFT
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Lonely Gods Club NFT is a collection of 5000 Greek Gods that take shelter on the Ethereum blockchain. For every purchase of a Lonely God NFT, members are granted unique access to Mount Olympus within the Metaverse where they are offered many perks and utilities. The platform also allows holders to mint 5 different Gods and avail unique traits for each one of them. The utilities offered by Lonely Gods Club include exclusive merchandise, UGC competitions, metaverse avatars, educational services, live shows, meetups, viewing parties and many other interesting things.[1]


Lonely Gods Club was born to make people revive and remember the ancient legends that have been forgotten with time. The 5 different Gods wander in the metaverse to build a new Mount Olympus within it, a place where no mortals have ever been. When all Lonely Gods are purchased, the uprising begins and the gates to Mount Olympus open. The founding members of the project are originally from Scotland and Canada.

The LGC artwork combines ancient Greek mythology with modern Web3 and metaverse inspirations to help bring the Olympians to the NFT scene. The platform targets NFT investors and holders aged 18-35 years and those interested in top-quality Greek mythology-inspired art. LGC also aims to provide educational services necessary to facilitate newcomers to learn the intricacies of making investments in LGC.


The Lonely Gods are available for purchase on the LGC website. The members need to ensure that they have enough ETH in their browser extension wallet. The Lonely God NFTs will be sent straight to the holders’ wallet address and will be visible on the OpenSea marketplace.

Types and attributes

The LGC collection is split into 5 different Gods; Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Hephaestus and Hades. There is a 1 of 1 divine form of each God which is extremely rare. Each god has its own unique design with hundreds of different traits. All traits are designed around each God’s specific powers and personalities. Some of the modern traits include ray guns, cyborg eyes and lightsabers.

Roadmap of Lonely Gods Club

Lonely Gods Club’s sale is said to end on May 12, 2022. The roadmap of LGC is a unique one since it involves a space called ‘The Ecclesia’ within the Mount Olympus discord server where the LGC community can voice their opinions and help decide the direction of the project. The project will also be creating a weekly comic series written by people from within the community for its members.

Quest 1 of the project will witness the initial minting of the first collection of LGC. This stage will also include a 3D render of the gods, and the purchase of virtual land while the second collection of the lonely goddesses will be in progress. Quest 2 is said to witness some digital and physical world exclusive events like live shows, parties and metaverse avatars. During quest 3, the LGC members will be able to access merchandise specific to their NFTs. Music and artwork competitions will take place during quest 4. Video lessons on NFT and the crypto world will be performed in quest 5 as part of the Lonely Gods educational program.



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