List of major speakers in Orlando, Florida

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The following is a list of major speakers in Orlando, Florida. The list includes independent speakers who were known in Orlando, FL and have worked in the 21st century as a professional speaker, keynote speaker, seminar leader, workshop facilitator, trainer, industry speaker, entertainer and the combination program. These speakers have appeared frequently on the television, radio, public conferences and were most hired by the organizations.

Some of the speakers listed below are considered notable based on the numbers of activities, speaking assignments, public appearances and notability as a keynote speaker in the Orlando, FL area.

List of major speakers in Orlando, Florida

Below of list of speakers is based on why these speakers are primarily known as a speaker in Orlando, FL. You can help us expanding this list by reaching out on [email protected].

Name Professional Keynote Motivational Seminar Trainer Leadership Entertainer Fees Website Notes
Orlando Corporate Team Building & Events Yes Yes $1000 - $10000
Adrian Manley Yes NA
Emcee Erick Olson Yes $600 - $5000
Randy Fox Yes Yes $4500 - $8500
Larry Weaver Yes Yes Yes $2500 - $5000
Rik Roberts Yes Yes $1500 - $3500
John Morgan Yes $2500 - $25000
Gary Roberts Yes $500 - $4500
Jim Ferrell Yes Auctioneer
Jason Douglas Yes $3500
Julio C Caba Yes Yes Yes Yes $150 - $1500
Darryl Ross Yes $2000 - $5000
Eric McElvenny Yes $500 - $10000
Mark Robinson Yes $500
Manny Gonzalez Yes $500 - $3500
John Morgan Yes Yes $2500 - $25000
Len Ferman Yes $1500 - $10000 Can travel up to 3000 miles from Orlando
Dylan Kinlock Yes $100 - $10000
Rick Lewis Yes Yes $4500 - $12000
Chad Porter Yes $5000 - $15000
BJ Bueno Yes $5000 - $10000
Cynthia Blackwell Yes $500 - $6000
Fred Moore Yes Yes $5000 - $15000
Charles Clark Yes $2500 - $15000


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