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Lil Sporty D
Damien Harris.JPG
Damien Harris

(1982-07-13) July 13, 1982 (age 41)
New Orleans, LA, U.S.
Other namesLil Sporty D
  • Music artist
  • Engineer
  • Songwriter
  • Entrepreneur
  • Influencer
  • Randy (Brother)
  • Brandon (Brother)
  • Anthony (Brother)
  • Craig (Brother)
  • Jamal (Brother)
  • Marlon (Brother)
  • Kevon (Brother)
  • Lamar (Brother)
  • Keyshe (Sister)
  • Shante (Sister)
Musical career
Background information
OriginNew Orleans, LA, U.S.
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
LabelsMentality Music Entertainment

Damien Harris (born July 13, 1982) better known by stage name Lil Sporty D is an American music artist, engineer, songwriter, influencer and entrepreneur. Referred to as the “Hottest New Artist,” Lil Sporty D is noted for his rap, music production, and visual presentation. Lil Sporty D is also known for pushing the boundaries of artistic talent in the music industry just after his two singles.[1][2]

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil Sporty D decided to pursue a career in music. He faced several rejections from multiple record labels. This has motivated him to create his own production company, Mentality Music Entertainment, where he currently serves as its founder and CEO.

Lil Sporty D has been featured in several media outlets including The American Reporter, Music Industry Weekly, San Francisco Post, The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, The Hype Magazine and several others.[3][4]

Early life and education

Lil Sporty D was born on July 13 1982 in New Orleans, LA. Right from his childhood, he was inclined towards music, he first started his career in music at the age of 12. At the time, he was spending his rough childhood in the Marrero Project’s toughest neighborhood, which lay across the bridge from New Orleans.

Being raised by a single parent and being taken in for foster care, Damien’s life was far from easy, and he often comforted and entertained himself with music. As a young kid, he felt a strong love for good sound and often recorded songs on cassette players with his brothers and a few friends.

He attended Delgado Community College for an associate's degree in business with specialization in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.


Lil Sporty D started playing around with notes as a hobby. However, it didn't take long to realize that music was much more than an interest or hobby to him. After completing his degrees from community college, he started focusing on his music career. However, several record labels didn’t give him a chance. This is when he decided to start his own record label, Mentality Music Entertainment.[5]

In August 2021, Lil Sporty D collaborated with several mainstream artists. On his first single, “CERTIFIED,” Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones collaborated with him. On his second single, “Like Woah,” he featured Lil Noodle.[6]

In November 2020, Lil Sporty D’s new single “FEARLESS” featured Abg Keith Kidd Kidd and Young Juve.[7][8]


  • 2021: Can I Ball[9]
  • 2020: Realest Shyt I Ever Wrote
  • 2020: From a City
  • 2020: Ghetto Cinderella
  • 2020: Fearless (Feat. Kidd Kidd, Young Juve & Abg Keith)
  • 2020: Like Whoa (Feat. Lil Noodle)
  • 2021: Certified (Feat. Magnolia Chop & Jay Jones)
  • 2018: Lay That Dick Down
  • 2018: I Wanna Know
  • 2015: Let's Get Away

Personal life

Damien Harris is a beloved father and wonderful fiancé to his long-term girlfriend, Kristin Sookie Thomas , who is also the mother of his four children. They have been together for over 16 years with his two first oldest kids, his daughter Damiana Verdin and son Damon Thomas . Also following behind are the rest of his kids: Dambriana Thomas , Damien Verdin, Kyan Green , Damarion Thomas , Isaiah Harris, Ashton Harris, and Paris Harris. In his spare time away from music, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, taking trips and enjoying life.



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