Lexie Peterka

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Lexie Peterka
Lexie Peterka.JPG
Lexie Rae Peterka

(1979-11-03) November 3, 1979 (age 44)
Chicago Illinois
NationalityJapanese and Swedish
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
  • University at Buffalo
  • Mercy College of NYC
  • East Carolina University
  • Doctor
  • Entrepreneur
OrganizationFoundation of Regeneration Medicine
Known forFounder of LP Wellness & Aestheticsof NYC sand London, LP Beauty Coin, LP Wellness and Asethetics Academy, LP Investments
ChildrenAddison Renee Hamilton
  • Top 20 Entrepreneur of IG
  • Womens Female Award in NYC

Lexie Petereka (3 November 1979) is the CEO, President, doctor, and your go-to person for every health and wellness trouble. Her passion and dedication towards providing outside and inside beauty and wellness led to the foundation of LP wellness and Aesthetics NYC and London. She is also the CEO of New York Fertility and IVF Surgery Associates wherein she worked with some of the top experts in the field, including Dr. Vincent Brandeis and Dr. Zeitoun to make miracles happen. Her dedication in the field led to the satisfaction of the majority of her clients leading to a happy experience during and after pregnancy.

Apart from this, Lexie is also the CEO of LP Investments, President of Avra Investments, and Co-Founder of Akretep Consulting Associates, and Owner of LPCOIN on the Cryptocurrency exchange. They plan on opening facilities all over the world and assured a doctor in major cities around the world who will accept LP Beauty Coin. This coin can be used for all your needs including botox, wellness drips, checkups, and more.

Early life and education

Lexie Peterka born, on 3 November 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, to the late Daniel and Maryanne Costello. She lost her parents at an early age and was adopted by a privately funded family. She completed her education at the University of Buffalo, Mercy College of NYC, East Carolina University, and training at University of Bridgeport Connecticut. The hardships she faced in her early years couldn’t stop her becoming one of the most successful and diverse female entrepreneurs.


Lexie’s motive of providing health, wellness, and aesthetics under one roof led to the foundation of LP Wellness and Aesthetics. She successfully ran her initial clinic for eight years before she decided to dedicate herself entirely to the beauty and wellness industry. In 2018, she started her own company and Nobel Prize in Medicine, Paul Dreschnack. She recognized how confidence was highly affected by how we looked and carried ourselves and continually expanded her area of expertise and started providing aesthetic services like fillers, botox, and more. With her passion, dedication, and hard-work, she managed and took the company further.

Lexie is also the New York Fertility and IVF director who ensures women go through a smooth pregnancy experience. She started treating women with pelvic dysfunction, lower back pain during pregnancy, and other problems associated with the process of becoming a mother. With her extensive knowledge, experience, and satisfaction received by her clients, she is often referred to as the backbone of New York Fertility and IVF.


Lexie Peterka is the recipient of Top 20 Entrepreneur of IG and Women's Female Award in NYC.

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