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Lev Gabyshev
Габышев Лев Львович
Born(1920-11-10)November 10, 1920
Tyubya, Olekminsky District
DiedNovember 11, 1994(1994-11-11) (aged 74)
NationalitySakha (Yakut)
OccupationYakut writer
First Yakut screenwriter

Lev Gabyshev (Russian:Габышев Лев Львович, Born: November 10, 1920 - Death: November 11, 1994) was a Yakut writer, translator, first Yakut screenwriter. Member of the USSR Writers Union.[1]


Lev Gabyshev was born on November 10, 1920 in the village of Tyubya of the Malzhagarsky Village Counsil, Olekminsky District, Yakut ASSR (now is Malzhagarsky nasleg of Olekminsky Ulus of Sakha) in a big family. In 1934 he enrolled into the Olekminsky agricultural technical school. Since 1938, he had been working as an agronomist in the Mining Department in the village of Berdigestyakh. In April 1942, in Gorny District as part of a group of nine people, he was arrested by the NKVD. They were charged with participation in the counter-revolutionary bourgeois-nationalist anti-Soviet organization, as well as a secret connection with imperialist Japan. On August 28, 1956, the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic adopted a resolution on the complete rehabilitation of L. Gabyshev “for there was nothing criminal in his actions”.[2].

The first poems of Lev Gabyshev were published in 1938 in periodicals. The first story of Lev Gabyshev was “Djol turdy” (“The root of happiness”) (1951)[3]. In the years of 1954-1955. the comedy “Yallylar” (“Neighbors”) premiered on the stage of the Yakut State Music and Drama Theater named after Platon Oyunsky[4] by director V. Mestnikov; set designer G.Turalysov. The premiere of the play “Abaga Sulustara” (“Stars of Abaga”, directed by the People's Artist of the RSFSR S. A. Grigoriev) took place in 1965[5]. Lev Gabyshev is the author of the detective story "Volky ne dremlyut" (“Wolves Do Not Sleep”)[6], co-authored with Ivan Zozule.

Lev Gabyshev worked a lot on literary translations: M. Rylsky, Adam Mickiewicz[7], Konstantin Fedin, S. Schipachev, E. Mezhelaitis, M. Isakovsky sounded in Yakut. He translated into Russian the works of Yakut writers N. Neustroev, C. Ellya, N. Mordinov, S. Omolloon, N. Yakutsky, N. Zabolotsky, D. Taas, Sofr. Danilov, I. Nikiforov, A. Abaginsky, V. Protodyakonov, A. Syromyatnikova, A. Fedorov. Often it was an authorized translation; he also made interlinear translation of the classics of Yakut literature A. Sofronov, Platon Oyunsky and A. Kulakovsky. A special place in the work of Lev Gabyshev as a translator has Yakut folklore: the literary translation of fairy tales and the interlinear translation of K. Urastyrov’s lonkho “Toyon Dyagaryma”. Lev Gabyshev has consolidated the text of the interlinear translation of Yakut heroic epic Olonkho “Nyurgun Bootur the Swift” by Platon Oyunsky[8].

Lev Gabyshev stood at the origins of the creation of Yakut literary and artistic magazines "Polarnaya zvezda", "Hotugu Sulus", was heading the prose department.


Name of Lev Gabyshev is assigned to the Central Library of Olekminsk[9]

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