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Leonardo Nissola
Leonardo (Leo) Nissola.PNG
Born (1982-09-09) September 9, 1982 (age 41)
Southern Brazil
  • Medical Doctor
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Immunology Scholar
Years active2008 - present
Known forCancer, COVID-19, and Lupus research
TitleClinical Scientist
  • Ivo Nissola (father)
  • Ana Nissola (mother)

Leonardo Nissola (born 9 September 1982, Southern Brazil) also known as Leo Nissola is a Brazilian born American Medical Doctor, Cancer Immunotherapy Scientist, Published Immunology author, Drug developer, and Medical Media Commentator based in San Francisco, California. Nissola is a media commentator and has been featured as a Medical Expert by publications, television networks, and broadcast programs including The Telegraph, USA Today, Fox News, Associated Press, MSN and several others. He is a former Medical Oncology Research Fellow at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.[1] His main areas of research are in cancer, lupus research, COVID-19 and other immunodeficiencies.

Nissola is a cancer immunotherapy scientist at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Since February 2020, he has been one of the advisors to the COVIDActnow project and the National Convalescence Plasma Project, addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Nissola has been widely covered in the high-tier media and frequently his opinion pieces appear in multiple print and online media sources.[2]

He is also a contributor writer to KevinMD.com and is the founder and editor of drleonissola.com, a website where he shares his opinions on Cancer and Public Health. Nissola writes on current public health issues, clinical science, cancer immunotherapy and cancer advocacy.

He is the author of Systemic Lupus: A Medical Textbook for Physicians - published in 2013 by Kiron Publishing House. Medical Schools across the globe have used Nissola's book on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. This autoimmune disorder affects over 5 million people worldwide and occurs when the immune system attacks the body's tissues and causes inflammation in many organs.

Early life and education

Nissola grew up in Brazil in a family of Italian immigrants and was born in Parana State, in Brazil. He has been at the forefront of patient care, serving impoverished communities in South

America and Europe, suffering from infectious diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, and the highly pathogenic H1N1. He attended Sao Camilo University where he earned his M.D. in 2013, and he is a former Medical Oncology Fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

During the epidemic influenza (H1N1) in Brazil, he served his community helping developing protocols and Hospital guidelines.


Nissola attended Sao Camilo University where he earned his M.D. in 2013, and he is a former Medical Oncology Fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

He is a former Medical Oncology Fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. His is part of the Clinical Development team at The Parker Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy. His scientific heart has been on finding innovative ways to fight cancer and overcome adaptive immune resistance after therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors.[3]

In 2020, Nissola started a blog, DrLeoNissola.com, in order to aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

As of 2020, he lives in San Francisco, California.

Writing and public speaking

Nissola speaks frequently at conferences and industry events on the topics of immunodeficiencies. He has appeared as a guest on FOX News, ABC, and as a speaker at many conferences, and panel member for the Massachusetts Medical Society, New.

Nissola has been featured on USA Today, The Telegraph UK, MSN and has contributed with The Talahassee Democrat and USA Today. He was a speaker at Immuno-Oncology, a webinar destined to 15 thousand physicians. His presentation focused on the main challenges in cancer immunotherapy, the resistance to I-O therapies. Although immunotherapy can induce tumor cell death and provoke significant clinical results, there are still unknown mechanisms that limit cancer immunotherapy.

In his talk, the learning objectives were: Understanding Primary and Adaptive Resistance to Immunotherapy, Monitoring Resistance Mechanisms and Overcoming Resistance to Immunotherapy.

Personal life

Nissola is multilingual and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. He is passionate about Social Medicine and Public Health, his mission is to find innovative solutions to solve the financial toxicity of care.

His Twitter account is followed by a number of relevant Democratic opinion leaders, such as former director of speechwriting for President Barack Obama and co-founder of Crooked Media, Jon Favreau and due to Nissola’s relevant posts, political journalist and host of Good Luck America at Snapchat, Peter Hamby tweeted that he always listens to @LeoNissolaMD in June 2020.


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