Lene Marie Fossen

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Lene Marie Fossen
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Born(1986-08-18)August 18, 1986
DiedOctober 22, 2019(2019-10-22) (aged 33)
  • Photographer
  • Artist

Lene Marie Fossen (* 18th August 1986; † 22nd October 2019) was a photographer and artist from Norway.

Personal life and photography

Lene Marie Fossen suffered from Anorexia nervosa since age 10, stating she started to starve in order to prevent growing up.[1]

She started learning photography as a teenager. The man focus of her work was black-and-white portraits of people. Her self portraits, depicting the effects of her struggle with anorexia, gathered lots of attention at a 2017 exhibition in Norway.[2] In interviews and a TED (conference) talk, she described her struggle between creativity and suffering from poor physical health.

In 2019, she worked on a documentary about her life, while taking portrait photos of Syrian refugee children in Greece.[3] During this work, she suffered a car accident that caused her additional health issues. She died from the long term effects of her illness, aged 33. The documentary was aired after her death.

Further exhibitions of her photography art were presented in 2022.[4]

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