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Leena Al Ayoobi
Leena Al Ayoobi 2022.jpg
Born (1981-03-26) March 26, 1981 (age 41)
OrganizationDar Alfann Gallery
Height155 cm (5 ft 1 in)

Leena Al Ayoobi (born 26 March 1981) is a Bahraini self-taught artist, founder of the Dar Alfann Gallery.[1] She is widely recognized for her feminist art pieces, which combine the Japanese Manga art style with Arabic folklore.[2] Al Ayoobi's brilliant and colorful, strongly textured paintings have received acclaim as a depiction of modern women in conventional society.[3]

Throughout her career, Al Ayoobi has collaborated with several prolific brands including Starbucks, Mont Blanc, GE Aviation, CFM, and the Standard Chartered Bank.[4] Her work has been displayed throughout the Middle East, and she is widely regarded as a leading figure in contemporary world art.[5][6]

Early life and education

Al Ayoobi was born on 26 March 1981 in Manama. She began drawing when she was three years old and soon took a liking to Japanese Anime and works of the director Hayao Miyazaki. Later, upon graduating from high school, she enrolled in the University of Bahrain, from where she acquired a diploma in Business Management.

In 2015, Al Ayoobi attended a Painting and Drawing Workshop by Accademia Riaci in Florence, Italy. In 2017, she pursued a diploma in History of Art at the London Art College, and soon after its completion, Al Ayoobi applied for another diploma in Watercolor Painting.[7]


Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Al Ayoobi worked at global consultancy firms as an investment analyst at Ernst & Young for nine years and at BDO for five.[8]

It was not until 2014 that Al Ayoobi began displaying her art pieces on a larger scale.[9] Her first exhibition took place in Bahrain's Art Market called­ Bab Al Bahrain, which was hosted by Sheikha Mai Al Khalifa from the Ministry of Culture. Soon, Al Ayoobi became a full-time artist, concentrating on expressing her feminist perspective through her vibrant and highly demonstrative pieces.[10] Her first solo exhibition was held in 2017 during Art Dubai.[11]

Select exhibitions and commissioned artwork

S. No. Year Venue Location
1 2014 BiCE -­ Bahrain World Trade Center-­Solo exhibition Bahrain
2 2015 Malja Annual Art Exhibition Bahrain
3 2016 (Big Eyes) conducting of art basics course-My Training institute -­ Oman Oman
4 2017 Emirates Writers Union Exhibition Dubai
5 2018 Bahrain Day art exhibition at the Seven Hills International Film Festival Baja, Hungary
6 2019 “Sahayb” group exhibition organized by gallery015 & Harvey Nichols, KSA Riyadh
7 2020 Arab Artist Union virtual art gallery Saudi Arabia
8 2021 Group art show – Access Art Gallery – Cairo Egypt
Commissioned Artworks
9 2016 Artwork for a novel by the Emirati writer Lamees Bin Hafith UAE
10 2016 Artwork for a folk story novel by the Qatari writer Hamad Al Tamini Qatar
11 2019 Home Center group for customized GCC themed home accessories and furniture GCC

Select paintings

  • Reflections
  • Sisters
  • Sea of Dreams
  • Blue Nashil
  • Zainab
  • Fish Eye
  • Mass Wedding “Blue”
  • Mashmoom
  • City Talk
  • Lilac
  • Colors within me

Personal life

Ayoobi is married to Abdulrahman Almokla, who is a businessman. The couple has three children named Adam, who is 12 years old, Firas, who is 3 years old, and Fatin, who is 2 years old. Ayoobi is fluent in Arabic and English.[12]

In the media



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