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Landbell AG für Rückhol-Systeme
IndustryEnvironmental Services
Founded1995; 29 years ago (1995) in Mainz, Germany
FounderFrank Binder
Key people
  • Jan Patrick Schulz (CEO)
  • Tim Scholz (CFO)
OwnerFrank Binder
Number of employees
320 (2018[1])

Landbell AG für Rückhol-Systeme – or Landbell Group - is a service provider that carries out take-back and recycling obligations for companies.[2] It supports companies in meeting their extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations and other product and packaging related requirements.[3] The company operates worldwide through its own network of producer responsibility organisations (PROs), which are also sometimes referred to as producer compliance or take-back schemes. Landbell Group's head office is located in Mainz.[4]


Landbell AG was founded in September 1995 as a local waste management company in Germany. Its aim was to support companies with their obligation to take back and recycle their sales packaging. This obligation came into force in 1991 with the introduction of the German Packaging Ordinance. From 1998 onwards, Landbell developed its own take-back scheme in a pilot project in cooperation with the Lahn-Dill district.[5][6][7] In August 2003, Landbell was approved as a packaging compliance scheme in the federal state of Hesse by means of a declaratory decision.[8] In doing so, Landbell ended the monopoly that had existed until then for the take-back and disposal of sales packaging. Up to this point, Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) had held the monopoly with the Green Dot in Germany. In August 2006, Landbell was approved nationwide as a packaging compliance scheme. In 2009, the business started to become more international with Landbell supporting companies based abroad with their take-back and recycling obligations in Germany.


2014 saw the takeover of European Recycling Platform (ERP) and the founding of Landbell Group. ERP was created in 2002 by Hewlett-Packard, Electrolux, Sony and Procter & Gamble in response to the introduction of the European Union's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, and the Batteries Directive which was adopted in 2006. As a result, Landbell Group expanded its services to include WEEE and batteries in 15 countries and became the only pan-European take-back scheme to manage all three waste streams (packaging, WEEE and batteries).

In 2016, Landbell Group acquired further companies, including H2 Compliance, experts and consultants in global chemicals legislation, such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), CLP, Biocide, RoHS and other EPR obligations. Landbell Group also holds shares in numerous other companies, including TerraCycle GmbH in the Austria, Germany and Switzerland (DACH) region. A strategic partnership with DHL has also existed since 2017.[9]

Landbell Group has organised the Green Alley Award, the first European startup prize for the circular economy since 2014.[10][11]

Company structure and memberships

Jan Patrick Schulz is CEO of Landbell Group since 1 July 2007.[12][13] Tim Scholz is CFO since 2019.[14] Frank Binder is the main shareholder since the company‘s foundation.[15] The company has been family-owned for over 20 years. Today, the group of companies is represented in 24 locations in 19 countries worldwide and employs around 320 employees from 32 nations.[16] In 2019, the company operated 32 approved take-back schemes for packaging, WEEE or batteries in 14 countries.

In 2019, Landbell Group joined the waste and recycling alliance, Prevent.[17] The alliance was established by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to promote the expansion of a functioning waste and recycling management system in emerging and developing countries.[18][19] Landbell Group is also a member of German industry associations such as the Packaging & Environment Working Group, the Federal Association of the German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management Industry, the Federal Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal, and the Association of Municipal Enterprises. Landbell Group also contributes its pan-European experience managing EPR for packaging, WEEE and batteries) to support the policy-making of EU institutions. It does this through its subsidiary, European Recycling Platform, which is a stakeholder registered in the EU Transparency Register.[20]

Customers and services

As an international company, Landbell Group offers solutions for producers and retailers to help them comply with their obligations under global environmental and chemical legislation.[21] This is done through the operation of take-back schemes for packaging, WEEE and batteries, as well as worldwide consulting services for EPR and chemicals legislation.[22] To ensure compliance with EPR regulations, Landbell Group offers various take-back solutions through its subsidiary, European Recycling Platform. In addition to collecting, sorting and recycling products and packaging, the company also monitors the relevant legislation.

Landbell Group offers companies compliance services, in particular support for the project management of compliance obligations, and solutions for taking care of end-of-life management and building circular supply chains. In addition, Landbell Group provides support for the compliant handling of chemicals in connection with regulations such as REACH, ROHS, CLP or GHS. Landbell Group uses its own software solutions for the management of take-back activities, material flows and environmental compliance reporting.[23] The company also produces software for the management of chemical regulations, including portfolio and supply chain management and the determination of compliance obligations.[24][25]


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