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Klepto Bears
FounderAmber Marie

Klepto Bears are 2D digital artwork available as non-fungible tokens created by Amber Marie, an American fine artist specializing in body painting and graffiti. It is a unique NFT collection rooted in childhood memories that comprises 10,000 Klepto Bears.

This project is based on a fictional bailout and heist concept, which gives the investors a chance to win prizes (The highest being a Tesla at 10,000 Klepto Bears.) This NFT collection has been backed by Armani Izadi, an avid art collector and NFT fan, who donated $100,000 to the Klepto Bear Loot Boxes.


Launched in 2021, Klepto Bears is the brainchild of Amber Marie, a fine artist from Denver, Colorado.[1] Since she was a kid, Marie was inclined towards the visual arts and later pursued her career as an artist. Lastly, Marie ended in the photography industry as a makeup and body paint artist, which was great, until the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic and her immediately facing its consequences in her professional life.[2]

During such trying times, Marie began graffiti painting and, within a few months, met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden, renowned graffiti artists and avid art collectors. It was during this time that Marie came with the Klepto Bears project, which received great appreciation from her friends, and the event resulted in Araman donating $100,000 to give her a kick start.

Klepto Bears, after a long initiation process came to life in 2021 as an NFT design to embody our childhood memories[3] and encapsulate them in the digital era. It was rather a reflection of Marie’s most prized possession, a teddy bear gifted to her by her grandmother when she was five years old. And with the culmination of her skills as an artist, she created the Kepto Bears NFT line, comprising a limited number of bears—10,000.


The roadmap for minting Klepto Bears is divided into five stages, dubbed Heists 1 through 5, in which different activities result in varied outcomes and benefits for everyone in the community.


The prizes on the Klepto Bears heists include:

  • 1,000th mint: iPhone 13
  • 2,000th mint: iPad Pro
  • 3,000th mint: LG TV
  • 4,000th mint: PlayStation 5
  • 5,000th mint: Xbox X
  • 6,000th mint: Macbook Pro
  • 7,000th mint: Versace Robe
  • 8,000th mint: Louis Vuitton Backpack
  • 9,000th mint: Rolex
  • 10,000th mint: Tesla


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