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Kimone Peart
Kimone Peart.JPG
Born (1992-10-31) October 31, 1992 (age 29)
Mandeville, Jamaica
Alma mater
  • Ashworth College
  • University of the Caribbean
  • Model
  • Influencer
  • Urville Peart (father)
  • Sharon Peart (mother)

Kimone Peart (born 31 October 1992) is a Jamaican Freelance Model and Influencer, born in Mandeville, Jamaica, and currently residing in New York City. Her educational background involves studying at Ashworth College to earn a travel agent Diploma (Hons). Peart then acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Programme and Project Management from the International University of the Caribbean. She has an excellent academic track record and received an award for Business Community Services. Soon enough, Kimone recognized her love for modeling, fashion, and photography[1][2].


Kimone initially worked in the Accounting, Administrative, and graphic design fields post studies. A lack of true fulfillment in every role led her to experiment with varied areas[3]. She began excelling in her photography skills and identified her love for modeling. Kimone entered the beauty and fashion industry to begin her career[4]. In the beginning, she worked with different publications and took part in both conventional and editorial shoots. She moved on with establishing her versatile and bold style in the fashion industry[5]. Many renowned brands, amazing photographs, and world-famous artists approached Kimone and her talent gained recognition[6].

Kimone is currently busy excelling in the fashion industry by working with renowned names like Ralph Lauren, FashionNova, Versace, and Vogue. Her improved social media reach led her to become a popular influencer. Her fan base consists of youth models, designers, stylists, entrepreneurs, established fashion models, and fellow influencers[7]. Kimone always believed in spreading body positivity. Her feed consists of motivational posts to inspire and help people feel comfortable in their own skins. Apart from keeping her target audience updated, she also helps other influencers grow their businesses[8][9][10].

Personal life

Kimone was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica, to parents Sharon Peart and Urville Peart. Kimone has always been a fun and adventurous person who participated in rock climbing, swimming, etc[11]. She spends most of her free time perfecting her photography skills, shopping, and watching movies[12].


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