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Birth nameOnur Dinç
Born (1991-06-24) June 24, 1991 (age 32)
Izmir, Turkey
  • Rap
  • Hip hop
  • Trap
  • Rapper
  • Songwriter
  • Music producer
Years active2007–present
  • Basemode Records
  • RedKeys Music

Onur Dinç, (born 24 June 1991) better known by his stage name Khontkar, is a Turkish rapper, songwriter and music producer.[1] [2]

Life and career

Khontkar was born in In Gürçeşme, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Izmir, Turkey. faced with some negativities from his family life. While life was not easy for him, Khontkar realised that the struggling facts underlying the Hip-hop culture were compatible with his own life and found himself in the Hip-Hop culture.[3]

Khontkar started making rap music at a young age. After practicing for a few years and recording demos, he began to make his way in the hip-hop field in the South-collar effect in 2008. Khontkar is also the first hip-hop artist who is doing trap music in Turkey. In 2009 he founded his own record label, RedKeys Music. It released 8 Freestyle mixtapes in 5 years. Two of them carry the pseudonym “Flash”, the second sub-ego.

In 2015, he released his first English project, WHOISTHAT EP. A few months later, he released his first 10-piece album, "NOBODI"[4]. In April 2016, a producer named "MRNI" released his EP with the pseudonym Barry Allen, which included him and artists within the company such as Bixi Blake and KT.

In 2017, he released 2 singles called Mutfak I and Mutfak II with his friend and artist Young Bego[5]. These tracks were the first 2 singles in his album, "RedKeyGang la Familia". Subsequently, Bixi Blake released the "RedKeyGang" track along with Metth and Young Bego, and the track appeared on Spotify's official charts. Released the joint album "Everything Is on the Table" in April with Bixi Blake. On July 28, 2017, the album "RedKeyGang la Familia" was released. In August 2017, Basemode Records released underground with the first major label single work "Hiçbir Şeyim Yok" released under the Sony Music label, and in 2018, Basemode Records released the "Kime Ne" single song with Sony Music. In the same period, his mixtape album consisting of 31 songs attracted attention with his PLAA3 (Puffin Like An Animal 3).[6]

In May 2018, Khontkar was sentenced to imprisonment in the first court, after the lawsuit he filed for his lyrics. The first banded album "100" released in December 2018 led to the rise of artists. After more than a year of court proceedings, he was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months in prison.[7] The artist, who did not give up in the face of his events, continued his production. and Turkey to meet with his fans through his concerts all over and continued to increase its fan base. Continuing its production with its own independent record label RedKeys Music, Khontkar broke the record records with the song "JENGA" released with Ben Fero in 2019, and the song was on the list of most listened for months.[8] The album "RDKYSZN", also released under the label RedKeys Music, and the album "TURKGLISH EP" accompanied by Myndless Grimes, became prominent in 2019. Continuing to support other artists within the company in 2019, the artist took part in many duets, and almost all of these songs found their place in the playlists and radios of the music platforms.

Khontkar received a lot of bad reviews with the song "Sürtüğe Bak" from the album Trap Kont 2.5. It received nearly 300,000 dislikes because of the song's music video in YouTube.[9][10][11]


Studio Albums

  • 100 (2018)
  • NOBODI (2015)


  • Trap Kont 2.5 (2020)
  • TURKGLISH (EP) (with Myndless Grimes) (2019)
  • RDKYSZN EP (2019)
  • Everything is on the Table (2017) (with Bixi Blake)
  • WHOISTHAT EP (2015)

Mixtape Albums

  • Puffin Like An Animal 3: Back to the Streets (2018)
  • Puffin Like An Animal 2: Probation Time (2015)
  • Trap Kont 2 (2015)
  • Trap Kont (2014)
  • Puffin Like An Animal (2013)
  • ChoppaLand Vol.2 (2011)
  • ChoppaLand Vol.1 (2011)
  • CrimeLand Mixtape (2011)

Single's and featurings

  • Kavga (2020) (with uuR)
  • Yaratık (2020) (feat. Corr)
  • Umrumda Değil (2020) (with Kozmos)
  • 1M FREESTYLE (2019)
  • Yolumuz Yol Değil (2019) (with Lil Zey)
  • Nothin' Can Do About It (2019)
  • Gelemem (2019) (with Grogi)
  • Fuego (2019) (with Furkan Karakılıç)
  • RMW (2019) (with Fornicras)
  • METFLIX (2019) (feat. Metth)
  • Geldiğim Yer (2019)
  • Sar Başa (Original Movie Track) (2019)
  • Beamer Boi (with Myndless Grimes) (2019)
  • Altın Diş (2019)
  • JENGA (2019) (with Ben Fero)
  • Görmedin Böylesini (2019) (feat. Keişan)
  • Güzelce (2019) (with Deli Mi Ne?)
  • Legal (2018)
  • Para Vermem (2018) (feat. Metth)
  • Çıktığım İlk Gün (2018)
  • Saçkolik Adam (2018) (feat. Saçkolik Adam)
  • Yok Ötesi (2018) (feat. Young Bego, Metth, Tahribad-ı İsyan, Emza, Emcey & Kasetcalar)
  • Kime Ne (2018)
  • Hiçbir Şeyim Yok (2017)
  • Mutfak I (with Young Bego) (2017)
  • Mutfak II (with Young Bego) (2017)
  • Karma (Bixi Blake ile) (2016)
  • Hakettiğimi Ver (feat. Metth) (2015)
  • Yeah Yeah (2015)
  • Circle (2013)

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