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Keisha Gibson
Keisha Gibson.JPG
Born (1979-10-30) October 30, 1979 (age 44)
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationMBA In business Administration and marketing
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author
  • Triumph Tissue
  • Kick Weight With Keisha
Known forKick Weight With Keisha
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Spouse(s)Zabain Gibson
  • Robert Williams (father)
  • Theresa Carter (mother)

Keisha Gibson is an African-American entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer.[1][2][3] She is the founder of Kick Weight With Keisha, an online platform that offers virtual Keto coaching, shapewear, books, meal plans, and other services related to weight loss.[4][5] Gibson is also the co-founder of Triumph Tissue, a luxury toiletries company that is best known for its superior quality toilet paper.[6][7][8][9]

Gibson is widely recognized for her weight loss journey and her entrepreneurial stride.[10] She has been featured in several media outlets including, Yahoo, LA Wire, Chicago Journal, NY Weekly, Markets Insider, Kivo Daily, and others.[11][12][13]

Early life and education

Gibson was born on 30 October 1979 in Virginia to Theresa Carter and Robert Williams. She grew up with her mother and step-father Michael Carter, along with two sisters and a brother named Catrice Washington, Tiree Carter, and Troy Washington. Gibson, while growing up, was also close with her siblings from her biological dad’s side named Lurisa Lindsay and Eric Hill.

Gibson later did an MBA in business administration and marketing.


Gibson co-founded Triumph Tissue in 2020, during the worldwide pandemic, with her husband, Zabain Gibson. The aim behind the foundation of Triumph Tissue was to address the scarcity of options available in the toilet paper industry, especially during the pandemic. Triumph Tissue offers a luxury toilet paper that is soft on the skin and gives an elevated experience to the user. Triumph Tissue can be purchased as a subscription and is delivered directly to the client’s house. The highlighting feature of their company is that it is environment friendly and helps save trees along with offering quality and a satisfactory user experience.

Gibson also founded a weight loss business during the COVID-19 pandemic that was inspired by her personal journey of losing weight. Kick Weight With Keisha offers virtual courses to help people lose weight through Keto and Intermittent fasting. Her company also offers products like waist trainers and workout gear. The aim behind the foundation of such a platform was to help people maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.


  • Creating The Life You Truly Deserve: A happy life is within your grasp, Published in 2020
  • 40 Ways To Have Keto, Published in 2020
  • Ketogenic 101: Basic Guidelines For Beginners, Published in 2020

Personal Life

Gibson is married to Zabin Gibson, and they have six children together, including her biological kids named Nadia Washington Johnson, Quentin Pressley, Ayden Pressley, and Zabian Gibson Jr, and her stepkids Janaya Johnson and Jeremiah Gibson.

In the media


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