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Kathleen Mello-Navejas
Kathleen Mello-Navejas.jpg
Born1954 (age 69–70)
Known forMoving Magic Money
  • Mayor of the City of Hawaiian Gardens (1984-1997)
  • SVP Care Coordination of Prospect Medical Holdings (2004-Present)
Parent(s)Carlos and Anna Mello

Kathleen Mello-Navejas (born in 1954) is a successful entrepreneur, a published author, and a manifestation coach. She is the founder of Moving Magic Money Inc. and offers one-on-one life coaching packages to help individuals manifest the life they desire.[1]

She is the author of "Moving Magic Money," a book about her life journey and experiences with money, men, and motherhood. Through the book, she aims to help other women develop self-belief and create the life they deserve.[2]

Mello-Navejas has an inspiring story of overcoming challenges, and she offers various services to help others achieve their dreams.[3]

Early Life and Education

Kathleen Mello-Navejas was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1954. Despite facing many challenges during her upbringing, she learned to never give up and developed into the empowered woman she is today.[4] Today, she is also a devoted mother of four, grandmother of six, and a great grandmother.[2]


Mello-Navejas has a diverse professional background and experience in politics, business and healthcare.[3] She served as Mayor and was one of the first women in politics in Hawaiian Gardens. She is the VP of Business Development for a multi-million dollar health company.[2]

She founded Moving Magic Money Inc., where she offers one-on-one life coaching packages, hosts workshops and retreats in offices, business headquarters, and homes and conducts public speaking events.[5]

As a life coach, Mello-Navejas belongs to the same industry as Tony Robbins, Maxwell, and Les Robbins. She has worked and collaborated with other expert coaches such as David Gandell.[6]

Her primary drive is to assist women in gaining empowerment by fostering self-belief, aligning with their purpose, and bringing all their desires into reality. She tailors her services to each individual client, offering exclusive workshops and classes that provide valuable insights for achieving personal fulfillment.[2]

Mello-Navejas has done several interviews and book signings recently. She intends to expand her outreach for speaking engagements, inspirational discussions, and grassroots marketing strategies. She is also ready to support companies to create grassroots changes and positive energy to move forward.[7]


Through Moving Magic Money, Mello-Navejas conducts various kinds of events. She hosts a two-day workshop intensive in a group setting at Angels Ranch in Kingman, Arizona. She also conducts the Trust, Love and Forgiveness workshop, a two-day intensive event also conducted in groups. Mello-Navejas sometimes offers Magical Mystical Arizona, a retreat and guided tour throughout Arizona.


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