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Karoly-Konstantin Habsburg
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Born (2004-07-20) July 20, 2004 (age 19)
Budapest, Hungary
OccupationHungarian Noble Families

Karoly-Konstantin von Habsburg[1] (born 20 July 2004)[2], Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. He competes in equestrian vaulting.[3]

Early life and family

Károly Konstantin Mihály István Mária Habsburg-Lothringen is the only son of Georg von Habsburg and Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg.[4] He is the great-grandson of Emperor Charles I of Austria[5] through his grandfather Otto von Habsburg.[6] He has two sisters, Zsófia Mária Tatjana Monika Erzsébet Katalin and Ildiko Maria Walburga.

Károly-Konstantin is currently 3rd in the line of succession to the Imperial throne of Austria and the throne of Hungary. His uncle, Charles of Habsburg-Lorraine (Karl) has been the head of the family since 2007, since the “abdication” of his father, Otto of Habsburg-Lorraine. Charles of Habsburg has only one son, Ferdinand-Zvonimir, who is 1st in order. Next comes Charles' brother, Georges (Georg), who is 2nd. And finally, Charles-Constantin (Károly-Konstantin), only son of Georg is 3rd. After Károly-Konstantin the order of succession passes to the cousin branch, descendant of Archduke Robert, Otto's brother. The son of Robert and Archduke Lorenz, also Prince of Belgium, who is 4th, followed by his two sons, Prince Amedeo and Prince Joachim.[7]


Károly-Konstantin is passionate about horse riding aerobatics. This discipline consists of performing different figures on the horse's back at a walk, trot and gallop, while the animal turns in circles. He participates in numerous competitions at European level.[7]


athlete HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN-Karoly-Konstantin

Royal Activities

In 2011, Archduke Károly-Konstantin attended the requiem mass in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral. The funeral of his grandfather, Otto von Habsburg, former head of the House of Habsburg, former Crown Prince and by pretense, Emperor-King of Austria-Hungary.[8]

As in 2016, since the installation of the statue of King Károly, the members of the Centenary Tradition Guard Infantry Brigade commemorated the former monarch's birthday at the bust in the City Hall park. Archduke Károly-Konstantin, who was present on behalf of the family, emphasized in his welcoming speech: his great-grandfather, as a soldier, knew exactly the horrors of the war, and when he came to the throne, he therefore tried to do everything in order to end the bloodshed.[9]

In 2020, Archduke Károly-Konstantin and his parents, Archduke Georg of Austria, second son of Archduke Otto and Archduchess Regina, attended the closing mass and procession for the festivities around relics of Saint Stephen at Makranc in Hungary.[10]


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