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Karen Earle Lile
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Karen Eileen Lile

San Francisco
OccupationArt director, producer, radio host

Karen Earle Lile (born 1959) is an American independent art director for the United States Postal Service and a radio talk show host for Sports Byline USA.


Classical music video

Lile's first public work was interwoven with a new trend emerging internationally, the rock music video. In 1986, when rock music videos and MTV were being recognized on news and entertainment magazines in the late 1980's, television hosts would list the top ten music rock videos , then note the novelty of one the first classical music videos to be broadcast on Arts and Entertainment Network Kendall Ross Bean: Chopin Polonaise in A Flat..[1] [2][3][4][5] Karen Earle Lile was the producer and art director for that video which received a nomination for an Cable ACE Award for Outstanding Programming Achievement[6][7] at a ceremony on May 18, 1987 by the National Academy of Cable Programing in the Ninth Annual System Awards for Cable Excellence in the category of Music Single.[8][9]

Postal Cancellation Series

Lile is the art director of the USPS Building Bridges Special Postal Cancellation Series, which has featured the SFJAZZ Center,[10] the Lady Washington and Pier 39,[11] the 100th Anniversary of the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Associations Opening Day on the SF Bay[12] and a tribute to Music Recording History at closing of Fantasy Studios.[13]

Talk show host

In same month that Forbes Magazine published an article with the title "Female athletes are Undervalued in Both Money and Media Terms",[14] Karen Lile Earle landed an exclusive contract with Sports Byline USA to cover the sport of Sailing in the sports network, placing the Sail Sport Talk[15] show directly inside syndicated Talk Show Host's "Tittilating Sports".[16] As a female Talk Show Host, Lile has been engaging with Tittle and baseball and football fans in weekly talk about Sail Sport since her first show April 4, 2019. [17][18][19]

Sail Sport Talk with Karen Lile is syndicated inside Sports Byline programming, which is the main sports news provider for the American Forces Network[20] and also broadcasts on these platforms:

  • Sports Byline Channel on


  • Sports Byline Channel on TuneIn[22]
  • Sports Byline Channel on Stitcher Radio[23]
  • Channel 2 of CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks [24]
  • Sports Byline website[25]
  • Podcasts under "Sail Sport Talk with Karen Lile"heart radio[26][27] .
  • And on over 200 affiliate satellite radio stations in the USA[28]

More than 100 Sail Sport celebrities[29][30][31][32] have engaged actively in interviews with Lile and Tittle. [33], [34]

Sail Sport Talk with Karen Lile has represented accomplishments of women and disabled in the sport from the very first year, including:

  • Jennifer Woods, the first woman Rear Commodore to serve as Rear Commodore since 1775 in the Royal Thames Yacht Club[35]
  • Tracy Edwards, who skippered the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race, becoming the first woman to receive the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy.[36][37]
  • Marie Rogers, the first African American Commodore[38] of the Los Angeles Yacht Club since 1901
  • Walt Raineri [39] a World Champion Blind Sailor
  • Chris Childers a disabled World Champion Sailor who is the Director of the US Sailing Siebel Sailors Program. [40]

Sail Sport Talk with Karen Lile has brought public awareness to ocean conservacy[41] efforts around the world including:


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