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Karate Combat
IndustryKarate promotion
Founded2018; 5 years ago (2018)
  • Michael Depietro
  • Robert Bryan
New York
United States
Area served
Key people
  • Michael DePietro (CEO/Chairman)
  • Jamie Roberts Seltzer (Director)
  • Robert Bryan (COO/Director)
  • Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten (League Ambassador)

Karate Combat is a brand which promotes the first professional, full-contact karate league, hosting worldwide events since April 2018. The private company[1] is headquartered in New York under CEO and chairman Michael DePietro. The business also encompasses sports equipment, a worldwide Dojo network and mobile apps for viewers. Karate Combat was founded in order to promote karate as a sport and martial art.[2]

Contestants compete in a seasonal championship in which the winner is awarded a golden belt.[3] They consist of karateka from various styles of karate like Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Wado Ryu and American Karate,[4] who are expected to abide by karate-do etiquette and specific tournament rules.[5]

The organisation puts emphasis on innovation and technology with the use of video game-style analytics of fighter's biometrics, nutrition and DNA-based data in real-time. As part of marketing, actor Danny Trejo announced fighters and rounds at the event on January 24th 2019 in Hollywood.[6]


Karate Combat events feature male and female karateka from a roster of over 100 professional fighters. The first five events were held in front of an invite-only audience. Later events incorporate CGI effects and original music in order to achieve a modern appearance and appeal to a younger demographic.[7] Event locations favor optimal camera angles and cinematic scenery over a big live-audience. Thus locations like the 102nd floor of the One World Trade Center were chosen hosting a selected audience with black-tie dress code.[8] The events attracted the notice of American television[9] and newspaper.[10] Recordings of all events can be accessed for free via the company's website.[11] Past events have also been streamed via UFC Fight Pass.[12][13]

Past events

# Event Date Venue Location VOD
5 Karate Combat: Evolution September 21, 2019 KC-1 Unknown https://www.karate.com/events/evolution
4 Karate Combat: Hollywood January 24, 2019 Avalon Los Angeles, U.S. https://www.karate.com/events/hollywood
3 Karate Combat: One World September 27, 2018 One World Trade Center New York City, U.S. https://www.karate.com/events/one-world
2 Karate Combat: Olympus July 28, 2018 Zappeion Courtyard Athens, Greece https://www.karate.com/events/olympus
1 Karate Combat: Inception April 26, 2018 Miami Beach Miami, U.S. https://www.karate.com/events/inception
0 Karate Combat: Genesis February 3, 2018 Secret Warehouse Budapest, Hungary https://www.karate.com/events/genesis


Fighting takes place in a 6,5m x 6,5m (21'4" x 21'4") square combat pit surrounded by 45° angled walls. A match consists of 3 rounds each lasting 3 minutes with the possibility of 2 additional rounds for championship fights.

Scoring uses a 10-point must system and is based on aggression and effectiveness of attacks. Three judges evaluate each fight from a position around the combat pit. Scoring cards are omitted in case of a knock-out.

Equipment consists of 4oz gloves, mouthpieces, groin protectors for male contestants, karate belts and officially designed long karate trousers with national emblems or flags.

Wrestling, submissions, knees, elbows and uppercuts are not permitted. A grounded opponent may use upkicks while the standing opponent may use ground punches. After 5 seconds any grounded opponent will be brought back to a standing position by the referee.[5]

Karate Combat in the Media



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