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Karan Swiss.[1] is a composition breed of cattle developed in India at the National Dairy Research Institute of India (NDRI) Karnal by crossing of Sahiwal and Brown Swiss breed cows[2].


[3]Sahiwal may be a breed of zebu cow, named after a neighborhood in Punjab, Pakistan. Sahiwal is taken into account a cow The Sahiwal originated within the dry Punjab region which lies along central Punjab. They were once kept in large herds by professional herdsmen called "Charwahas". With the introduction of irrigation systems to the region, they began to be kept in smaller numbers by the farmers of the region, who used them as drought and dairy animals. Today the Sahiwal is one of the simplest dairy breeds in India and Pakistan. due to their heat tolerance and high milk production, they need been exported to other Asian countries also as Africa and therefore the Caribbean. The Brown Swiss or American Brown Swiss is an American breed of the dairy cow. It derives from the normal triple-purpose Braunvieh of the Alpine region of Europe but has diverged substantially from it. It had been selectively bred for dairy qualities only, and its draft and beef capabilities were lost. Milk yield was measured in 2013 at 10231 kg (22600 lb.) per annul the milk has about 4% butterfat and three .5% protein and is suitable for creating cheese. In the twentieth century, the Brown Swiss became a world breed, with a worldwide population estimated in 1990 at seven million head. It been much used for cross-breeding and has influenced a variety of recent breeds. The milk of the Brown Swiss is exclusive, having longer-chain fatty acids than other popular dairy breeds and smaller fat globules within the cream; this difference means cream rises far more slowly in milk from Brown Swiss cows. This difference, and therefore the ratio of protein to fat within the milk, is right for cheese making.


[4]The breed is typically light gray to dark brown in color. Karan Swiss[5] cows average 127 cm tall and weight within the range of 400 to 550 kg (880 - 1200 pounds).The share of Brown Swiss within the breed ranges from 1/2 to 3/4. The Karan Swiss may be a dual-purpose breed with the oxen being compatible for work and therefore the cows giving good quantities of milk. High producing females will produce 5000 to 6000 kg with a 4.78% butterfat during a lactation. Males will average 136 cm tall and weigh from 600 to 750 kg (1300 - 1650 pounds)[6]. Karan Swiss cows have 4.2% fat, solid non-fat 8.9% and 44 kg milk per day yield[7]. They are kept under high hygienic conditions and are fed a highly nutritious diet.[8]

Origin NDRI Karnal, Haryana, Cross between Sahiwal cow and Brown Swiss Bull
Colour Light grey to deep brown
Head and Neck Forehead is slightly dished, neck is medium
Horns Horns are sharp.
Ears Small
Hump absent
Navl flap Slightly loose
Body Body is large, Legs are proportationate in size and well set apart
Tail Various in length some times reaches up to the ground
Udder Large size deep, wide bowl shaped excellent capacity.
Body Weight Male 600 to 750kg
Body Weight Female 400 to 500kg
Milk Yield 3500kg/lactation
Age at first Calving 45 months


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