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Kamal Adli
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Ahmad Kamal Bin Mohammad Adli

(1986-04-16) April 16, 1986 (age 38)
Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia
OccupationActor, Host
Years active2008–now
Height179 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Uqasha Senrose (m. 2021)

Ahmad Kamal Bin Mohammad Adli (born 16 April 1986) is a Malaysian actor and host. He is the 2007/2008 Youth Hero champion and forged a name as a popular comedy actor in addition to being able to play various types of characters including drama. Kamal's comedy acting style is described as fresh and distinctive to the point of becoming his trademark.

Kamal appeared in several television dramas such as Bio-Nik, Zati & Si Mawas, Ana lu'lu, Prince Rayyan and Black Belt Kaler Pink as well as telefilms including My love is the Devil, Mosquito without sins, Rongples Rongtaim and The Innocent Girl.

He is also known for his film roles including Niyang Rapik (2010), Day Twins (2011), Inviting Drizzle (2012), Retired Gangsters (2013) and Big Boss Fadil (2014). He is a graduate of Broadcasting at the Malaysian Institute of Integrative Media (MIIM).

He proposed to Uqasha Senrose on December 20, 2020, at the MeleTOP Era Award. On March 13 2023, he was badly beaten by a Singaporean man with a coat who thought he was a fan.[1]

Early Life

Kamal was born on 16 April 1986 in Pekan, Pahang and is the third out of seven siblings. He is the 2007/2008 Teenage Hero champion [2] Kamal graduated in Broadcasting from the Integrative Media Institute of Malaysia (MIIM; Academy TV3).


Kamal's first role in the field of acting was in 2008 through a small role in the second season of the drama series Splatter on Astro Ria, then he started his career as a host when he hosted the show Pendangku, Ceritaku which was also broadcast on Astro Ria. In 2009, Kamal was given the lead role as Nik in Superhero Science fiction TV3 drama, Bio-Nik produced KRU Studios.[3] This drama revolves around a teenager named Nik who was seriously injured in a road accident, then resurrected with various sophisticated and versatile robotic features in his body.[4][5][6]

After Bio-Nik, Kamal acted with Liyana Jasmay in the drama Zati & Si Mawas.[7] The first role on the big screen came in 2010 when Kamal starred in his debut film, Niyang Rapik directed by Ahmad Idham along with Shaheizy Sam and Awal Ashaari.[8]

In 2011, Kamal along with Liyana and Zahiril Adzim starred in the horror film Anytime directed by Ahmad Idham in which he played the role of a helper as a villager. He first paired with Intan Ladyana through the film Day Twins directed by Hatta Azad Khan, Kamal played the role of twin brothers, namely Awal and Awi. Next, he starred in the drama Ana lu'lu with Nora Danish which was broadcast on Slot Lestary TV3.

Working once again under the direction of Idham, Kamal teamed up with Indonesian actress, Olivia Lubis Jensen through the Malaysia-Indonesia joint romantic film, Inviting Drizzle which was released on 31 May 2012. Kamal returned to the big screen by playing the lead role in the series Prince Rayyan in Slot Samarinda TV3 with its two heroines, Miera Leyana and Nad Zainal

In 2013, Kamal along with Syamsul Yusof and Hanis Zalikha acted in the comedy action film directed by Ahmad Idham and Datuk Yusof Haslam, Retired Gangsters .[9] He then acted in the movie 3 Appointment directed by Hashim Rejab starring Pierre Andre and Yana Samsudin. Next, he became a participant in the reality TV show, Liga Lawak Superstar. He joined a cast including Jalaluddin Hassan, Razak Ahmad, Julia Ziegler, Radhi Khalid and Najwa P. Ramlee in the theater production of Asmara Songsang directed by Rahman Adam which was staged at Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya on 1 and 2 March 2013.[10][11]

In 2014, he and Zizan Razak played the lead roles in the comedy action film Big Boss Fadil directed by Syafiq Yusof.[12] This film is a derivative of the film KL Gangster, Kamal plays the role of Adam, the son of a warrior. Next, he acted in the horror film directed by Pierre Andre, Malaysia Ghost Story.

Kamal played the role of Chi in the telefilm Rongples Rongtaim directed by Yusry KRU acting with Tauke Jambu, Chelsia Ng, Bell Ngasri, Chew Kin Wah and Ayahanda Abdul Rani Kulup. This telefilm is broadcast on Astro Citra Karya 12 slot.[13] This is the second time Kamal and Tauke have acted together after Big Boss Fadil.

He acted with Aaron Aziz in the comedy drama Black Belt Kaler Pink which aired on Astro Warna, then appeared in the military drama film directed by Jurey Latiff Rosli, Malay Regiment which was shown on 31 August 2017.

He also got an invitation in a sitcom show that was shown on YouTube channel FINAS Malaysia which is the sitcom 'Mamu Mami Gosip' led by Kazar Saisi, Tauke Jambu, Delimawati, Fasha Sandha, Elisya Sandha, Afifah Nasir, Aidil Aziz, Fikhree Bakar and Amyza Adnan. Kamal was one of the invited guests alongside Zahirah Macwilson, Saharul Ridzwan, Arwah Abam Bocey, Joey, Fauziah Nawi, Hazama, Farahdhiya, Achey, Liza Abdullah, Azrel Ismail and many others. This sitcom was recorded 3 years ago (2017) before the existence of Covid 19.

Personal Life

Kamal had previously been in a relationship with actress Intan Ladyana for over 6 years, but they both broke up after six years together. However, the separation was unacceptable for Kamal who still hoped that their romance could be resumed. According to Kamal, he was disappointed by this separation and did not expect that Intan would leave him like that after 6 years of embroidering love.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]

Now Kamal is still alone and focuses a lot on his career. He is also surrounded by gossip about his relationship with Uqasha Senrose because they were very close when they worked together in the drama After the Pronouncement of Agreement . However, the two are often seen together and Kamal is also often involved in Uqasha's family events. The director of the latest drama 'The Innocent Girl' which is currently shown on Astro Ria, namely Michael Ang tried to uncover the gossip that stated that Kamal and Uqasha had gone to a marriage course when there was no filming session between them in October on Michael's Instagram, but they did not give any sign that what Micheal said was true.

On December 20, 2020, after presenting awards for the “Group/Duo Meletop Era”, “Meletop Era Music” and “Meletop Era Singer” at the MeleTOP Era Awards, Kamal brave up to propose to Uqasha to be his wife who is also the partner of the award presenter, directly. Uqasha, who was surprised by the spontaneous proposal, accepted Kamal's proposal. They tied the knot on April 4, 2021 and got married on November 5, 2021 last year in a private ceremony.



Year Title Role Information
2010 Niyang Rapik Helmi First film
Love as Red as Stiletto Randy Cameo appearance
2011 Anytime Brother Intan
Day Twins Awal / Awi
Senario The Movie Ops Pocot Hairi
2012 Inviting Drizzle Zamani
Hello Love Amirul
I have, do you??? Aziz Sattar
3 Appointment Kamal
PE3 Fumi/Sarjan Akbar
What gives tho? Doctor Cameo appearance
2013 Retired Gangsters Aman
Cinderella Ray
Nail Pian
2014 Big Boss Fadil Adam
MTB: Baby Captive Mission[24] Helmi
Malaysia Ghost Story Saad
2015 Wife For Sale Redza
Apartment Nasa
2016 Uproar! Primadona Gets Possessed Nek Nak
2017 Malay Regiment Kamal
Cholesterol vs Love Irfan
2018 Block 404 Special appearance
2020 Superbike The Movie Bugis
2022 Gracias Barcelona Kamal
Zaara Remy
2023 Escape Adam

Drama Series

Year Title Role TV Channel
2008 Sunsilk Dream Johan Dhani TV3
Splatter 2 Budi Astro Ria
2009 Bio-Nik Nik TV3
Zati & Si Mawas Iskandar
2010 Mayang Mengurai Shahrul
A Thousand Times Love Nizam
Shah Jihan Jihan
Heirloom Sham TV2
Blogger Boy: Episode 35 Teman Lelaki Adriani 8TV
Tipah Vavavoom Imran TV3
2011 Ana lu'lu Harris Azhan
Glorious Umar
Tunnel: Waiter Amin
2012 What Gives! Aman
Prince Rayyan Putera Rayyan
Runtun Qalbu Qalbu
2013 Ayu's Neighbor Haziq Astro Prima
When a Woman Heart Screams Amar
Carved in the Star Zain TV3
2014 Heaven without Love Luqman TV1
Soul Jiwa TV3 Antidote Alam
Cyberspace Amman TV9
Do We Still Have Love Sam TV3
2015 Soulmate Next Door Dr Badrul Syah HyppTV
2016 Sha & Shah Fariz Ameerul Shah Astro Ria
#GreetingsLove Azrif Iqbal
Go Away Tears Badrul TV1
Oh My English! After School Kamal Astro TVIQ
PU Wid Ahmad Widad Astro Oasis
2017 Black Belt Kaler Pink Burn Astro Warna
Go Away Tears: 4 Special Episode Badrul TV1
Widower of Virgin Worship Tengku Razeen Astro Ria
2018 Banteras Badrul
If you still miss me Hisyam TV3
2019 After the Engagement Hanan Astro Ria
Messenger of Love for Adam Adam Firdaus TV3
2019–2021 Black Detektif Khairul Malik / Black Viu
2020 Not an arranged marriage Izz Rizqin TV3
The Innocent girl Rizal Astro Ria
2021 Mamu Mami Gosip FINAS Malaysia
Lockdown ACP Hamdan Astro Ria
Scammer Joe
Black Magic Nuh
2022 After the Engagement 2 Hanan
2023 Akira Khan Raden Astro Ria


Year Title Role TV Channel
2009 Otai Rempit TV3
My love is the Devil Iskandar Astro Ria
2010 Humming Yesterday Hazry TV1
Our Song Ameer Astro Citra
2011 9 Month Husband's Diary Hairul TV9
Mother's Heart Mail Astro Prima
Azam Ala Kazam Azam TV3
2012 Oh no, 7 Days More Haris
What Gives Raya Aman
Try to be a Man Amir TV9
Love Doctor Opie
2013 Mosquito without sins Bahrin TV3
Baran Malik
My Love Damia Halim
Love Zaidi TV2
Kompang Abang Zabidi Zabidi Astro Warna
PA Love Adam Razuwan TV9
2014 Prayer Stopped Yusman TV2
Revenge of Alia's Spirit Malik Astro Prima
Nasi Dagang Nasi Ayam Yang Ariff TVi
Portrait of Grief Dr Azreen TV3
2015 No Honeymoon Emran TV9
Tipah Semperit TV1
Love between Us Hisham
My Husband is Mr.Bear Astro Ria
Madam Nona Pokok Sena Ipin Astro Prima
If it's not that wrong Muiz TV2
Hi Son-in-law Imran TV3
Ms. Mrs. Bibik Shafiq TV1
2016 Pondok Senja Zulfa TV3
Boy From Tak Bai Johari Astro Ria
Vampire Lost in the Village Yamin
Rongples Rongtaim Chi Astro Citra
Sha, Shah and Syawal Shah Astro Ria
#Greetingss Raya Love Azrif Iqbal
Ms Oxford Mr Mesir Farhan
2017 Chaotic Raya Fareez TV3
Jongkong Wan Ishak Astro Citra
2018 Once Upon a Time Pendek Astro First Exclusive
Khalil Time Wan TV3
Sha vs Shah Shah Astro Ria
I Heart You Ms Yah Zulkifli Astro Citra
My Sweet Honey Farel ntv7
Till we meet again Nuh Astro Citra
Haloba Mikael ntv7
2019 My boyfriend From... Andy Astro Citra
Don Ghost Abu TV3
Dato' S Sazali Astro First Exclusive
There are Eyes Observing Shah Astro Citra
2020 Devil's Pointer Abadi
2021 Bribe From Hell Aidit Noh Astro Ria


Year Title Role
2009 Maximum Impact Musical Theatre
2011 Inviting Drizzle Musical Theatre
2013 Reverse Romance


Year Title Role TV Channel Notes
2008 Rentak Juara, Rhythm Of Champions Host TV1
My view My story Astro Ria
2013 Superstar Comedy League Participant Astro Warna
2014 Super Spontan 2014 Invited Artist
2015 Dewi Remaja Host Astro Ria
2016 Celebrity Track Invited Artist
Super Spontan Superstar (Season 1) Participant Astro Warna eliminated during the Semi-Final week with Altimet.
2017 Curi Curi Cuti Host Astro Ria
Super Spontan Superstar (Season 2) Participant Astro Warna Was the Super Spontan Champion defeating Fad Bocey who was the runner-up.
From Spain to Morocco Host TV2
2018 Gegar Lawak Astro Warna With Fad Bocey
CCTV Invited Artist Astro Ria Promoting Gegar Lawak with his mentor mentor, Nizam (Jentik-Jentik)
Pecah Perut Main Comedian Astro Warna Actor and comedian in each sketch
Is it Funny Bro? Host
CCTV Invited Artist Astro Ria For the promotion of Is it Funny Bro?
MeleTOP Invited Host Substitute Nabil Ahmad (13 March 2018)
Bocey and Friends Invited Artist Astro Warna Episode 2, Invited Artist to play nurses with Mark Adam and Rozita Che Wan
MeleTOP Astro Ria To promote telefilm Once upon a time
#ExpeRIAnce Projek Theme Park (Season 2) Invited Host With winner and fans, Fadila Sajai in Istanbul, Turkey - Ep11 (16 May 2018)
Oh My Family Raya Invited Artist With Fikry Ibrahim. Kamal assigned to take care children of Syatilla Melvin and Shaheizy Sam while Fikri assigned to take care of Asyraf Khalid and Tya Arifin children.
Panggung Karot Pok Ya Main Comedian Astro Warna With Ebby Yus, Mamak Puteh and Shahrol Shiro. Hosted by Sabri Yunus.
Bocey and Friends Rayalah Pulak Invited Artist With Sharifah Shahirah, Salih Yaacob, Ajak Shiro, Elizad Sharifuddin, Datin Nina Juren.
SuperSpontan Extravaganza Invited Judge Episode 1
Super Spontan Extravaganza Invited Host Substitute Dato AC Mizal who was holding a consert Baik Punya Cilok 4D (Week 2)
Bawang Live Invited Guest Astro Ria Promoting telemovie I Heart You Ms Yah (20/9/2018)
Jozan Live Astro Warna With Nora Danish promoting telefilm Till We Meet Again (Episode 17: 13 November 2018)
Pecah Perut Main Comedian comedy sketch show directed by Sharmaine Othman.
2019 Bawang Live Invited Guest Astro Ria With Uqasha Senrose, Zeera Azizi, Natasha Elyzza and Alif Muhaimin promoting telefilm My Boyfriend From... (Thursday, 14 March 2019)
Michael Ang's Halal Kitchen Invited Artist Episode 6 (10/6/2019)
Bawang Live Invited Guest With Uqasha Senrose, Zeera Azizi, Alif Muhaimin, Sharifah Shahora, Zul Helmy, Nadya Syahera, Edwin Dawson promoting new drama After the Engagement (Monday,17 June 2019)
Gempak TV Invited Artist With Uqasha Senrose and Nadya Syahera promoting drama After the Engagement (Wednesday,19 June 2019)
MeleTOP Invited Artist With Erwin Dawson,Nadya Syahera, Zeera Azizi promoting new drama After the Engagement Tuesday,25/6)
CCTV Invited Artist With Nadya Syahera, Zulhelmy and Zeera Azizi promoting new drama After the Engagement (Thursday,4 July)
Bawang Live Invited Artist With Zul Helmy, Sharifah Shahora, Zeera Azizi, Nadya Syahera and Alif Muhaimin promoting the last week of After the Engagement (Monday,29 July )
Experience : Rialisasi Job Selebriti Invited Artist Making his career dream as 'Dream Cruise Crew' (1 October 2019)
MeleTOP Invited Artist With Zulin Aziz, Fikry Ibrahim and Puteri Aishah promoting telefilm for Astro First Exclusive, Dato S (5 November 2019)
2020 Suara Viral Host hosted this program with Vicha for the introductory episode.
I Can See Your Voice Malaysia (Season 3) Invited Investigator TV3 With Reen Rahim to be an invited investigator for episode 2 which is episode of invited artist -Stacy (23 February 2020)
With Eira Syazira and Yusuf Bahrin to be an invited investigator for episode 6 which is episode invited artist -Erra Fazira (22 March 2020)
Gegar Vaganza (Season 7) Invited Guest Astro Ria Appeared after the performance of Linda Nanuwil at Suku Akhir concert week-8 to promote Last Episode of drama The Innocent Girl. (29 November 2020)
MeleTOP Era Award Invited Artist Became the gift presenter to the category of Group/Duo Meletop Era, Meletop Era Singer and Meletop Era Music with Uqasha Senrose.
2021 MeleTOP Invited Guest With PU Azman in promoting Echo Superstar Comedy. Other guests such as Uqasha Senrose, Elly Mazlein, Cik B, Eira Syazira, Azad Jazmin, Isyariana, Amar Baharin, Marsha Milan, Siti Rosmizah (novel writer), Along Kamaruddin, Redza Rosli, Hefny Sahad, Hael Husaini, Shaza Bae, Akhmal Nazri, Band Madam, Dato' Rizalman, Danial Zaini, Ustaz Fakhrul, Chubb-e, Lah Ahmad, Mawi, Remy Ishak, Amira Othman. (30/3/21)
Gema Lawak Superstar Host Astro Warna comedy musical show with PU Azman as host for 4 special weeks of Ramadhan.
Maharaja Lawak Mega 2021 Invited Guest With Hun Hakeem promoting new drama 'Black Magic' published by Astro Ria
Lagu Cinta Kita (Season 3) Host TV3 With Ain Edruce
2022 Melodi Invited Host
Romantika Raya Own self Astro Ria With his wife Uqasha Senrose
The House Kamal & Uqasha

Awards and Nomination

Year Awards Category Nomination Result
2007/2008 Teenage Hero Quest Champion Teenage Hero N/A Won
2010 The 23rd Festival Fi Malaysia Best Male Hope Actor Niyang Rapik Nominated
2013 Liga Lawak Superstar Apa Kasih Toq Group (Runner-up) N/A Won
2016 The 29th Daily Berita Popular Star Award Popular Male TV Actors Nominated
2017 4th Era MeleTOP Award Comedic Artist Blowing Up Nominated
Super Spontan Superstar 2017 First Place (Champion) Won
style="text-align:center" | 2nd Telenovela Award Best Actor Go Away Tears Nominated
Sha & Shah Nominated
Popular Male Actors Go Away Tears Nominated
Prolific Male Actor N/A Won
2018 5th Era MeleTOP Award Comedic Artist Blowing Up Super Spontan Superstar 2017 Nominated
3rd Telenovela Award Popular Telenovela Male Actors Widower of Virgin Worship Nominated
style="text-align:center" | The 31st Daily News Popular Star Award Drama Compatible Couple Kamal Adli & Zahirah MacWilson(Widower of Virgin Worship) Nominated
Popular Sensation Artist N/A Nominated
2020 Asian Television Award Best Leading Actor (Digital) Black (Viu Original ) Nominated
The 33rd Daily News Popular Star Award Compatible Pairings In Drama (Online) Kamal Adli & Uqasha Senrose (After the Engagement) Won
Nominated Popular Male TV Actor N/A Nominated
Popular controversial artist (online) N/A Nominated
Very Drama Melody Award Very Dramatic Couple Kamal Adli & Hannah Delisha (Not an arranged Marriage) Nominated
Gempak Most Wanted 2020 Amazing Single Artist N/A Nominated


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