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KRebels NFT

KRebels NFT is an innovative NFT project that aims to use technology and cryptocurrency to advance Koala conservation. This NFT collection is specifically designed for animal lovers, art lovers, crypto holders, gamers, collectors, and business moguls.[1]

As a part of an art project, K-Rebels’s in-house artist has created 9,999 completely original and unique Koala based NFT collectibles. A part of funds raised by minting KRebels will be donated to projects focused on preserving the koalas. Krebels has gained mainstream popularity in the industry, even before its launch. It has been featured in leading media outlets such as Medium,[2] TechBullion,[3] Yahoo Finance,[4] NFT Calendar,[5] Picante,[6] and others.


The goal of the KRebels NFTs was to protect koalas outside of the virtual world. The idea behind this NFT project is to incentivize more engagement in the community, ultimately raising more awareness — and funds — to help save the koalas from extinction.

KRebels NFT holders will be able to deploy them in digital koala reserves on the Metaverse Blockchain by extending these species to a virtual habitat like metaverses. Eventually, owners of KRebels will also be able to evolve their koalas, trade for items such as eucalyptus, wood, and accessories in the Metaverse, upgrade their koala's habitat, and start a family. The more their koala develops, the higher its rare rate becomes. The rarer something is, the more precious it becomes, and the more likely it is for its owner to generate a monthly and lifelong income.


The KRebel NFT roadmap consists of six phases, starting from owning a KRebel and having a voice in the community that will allow the holder to influence the project's path.

In the second phase, KRebel holders will be able to donate a portion of their profits to koala conservation programs.

In the third phase, the owners will be able to create a digital preserve and habitat for the NFT koalas in the Metaverse.

In the fourth phase, collectors will be able to play with their koala NFTs in the Metaverse like a video game.

Soon after the KRebels 1st generation debut, a token and a new collection will be launched in the fifth phase.

In the last phase, a percentage of the royalty fees will be given back to the community (through contests, monthly rewards, and other mediums).


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