Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2

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Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2
Publisher(s)Youzu Interactive
Publication dateMarch 27, 2020; 3 years ago (2020-03-27)
Genre(s)Card game
System(s)IOS and Android

Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2(Chineses: 少年三国志 2; pinyin: Shào Nián Sān Guó Zhì 2) is a card game developed and published by Youzu Interactive for the IOS and Android mobile platforms, only for the Chinese market. This game has been officially open beta on March 27, 2020.[1]

Game content background

The protagonist is a young man from the Space and Time Administration. One day, the protagonist accidentally fell into the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. The protagonist and his/her companions were separated. The protagonist found that Records of the Three Kingdoms had a mysterious power while he/she looking for a way back. The protagonist participated in the war between the heroes of the Three Kingdoms period in order to collect Records of the Three Kingdoms. The protagonist fights with other heroes to return to his/her own time and know history of Three Kingdoms.

The role of setting


Players can choose to use male characters or female characters. Players can use characters to upgrade levels like generals, with equipment to enhance attributes. The character also owns fashion clothes. Fashion clothes can also enhance character attributes.[2]


Players can collect generals through the way through win the levels, draw cards, etc.[3] Generals can upgrade levels, wear equipment to enhance attributes. And if players have 3-6 generals of the same camp in their teams, they will get the camp attributes. When players collect a certain amount of generals, generals collection book will give players a certain amount of attribute bonus.[4]


Each protagonist and general can be equipped with 7 types of equipment including weapons, helmets, armor, knee pads, gauntlets, shoes, and treasures. They all have their own levels, from the lowest level to highest level, green, blue, purple, red and gold. The protagonist also has Divine Wings to upgrade attributes. Divine Wings are exchanged and upgrades by special prop feathers. Players can choose whether to display Divine Wings in the games.

Prop enhancement

equipment enhancement

Players can enhance equipment attributes by strengthening, refining and carving. The three ways to upgrade equipment consume silver, refined stone and carved stone. In the process of equipment strengthening, there may be an enhanced crit. Each strengthening will be +1;+2;+3 or +4.[5][6]

Treasure enhancement

Players can increase treasure attributes by strengthening, refining and carving. Red treasures can also increase attributes by upgrading to golden treasures. Treasures are refined and carved in the same way as equipment, but strengthening them need too requires devouring other treasures. When a red treasure is upgraded to a golden treasure, there are 3 stages, and each stage has a skill. Eventually, it will be upgraded to gold. The red treasure can also be strengthened, refined and carved.[7]

Play mode

Mission system

In the game, players have to go through levels constantly to get better equipment, more consumables, and the broken chapters of the Records of the Three Kingdoms. In addition to breaking through the game, players can also obtain consumables and other props through active missions or some special scenes, such as daily tasks, land patrols, unparalleled trials, crusade against monsters ,etc.[8][9]

Trading system

In some activities, players can obtain tradable items. At this time, players can submit items to the auction house for auction to obtain gold ingots, but the auction house needs to obtain some gold ingots.

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