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Juno Bio
  • London
  • England
  • United Kingdom
Key people
  • Hana Janebdar (co-founder and CEO)
  • Dr. Leighton Turner (co-founder and CEO)
ProductsVaginal Microbiome Wellness Test

Juno Bio is a next generation women’s health startup decoding the vaginal microbiome based in London, England, founded in 2018 by scientists Hana Janebdar and Dr. Leighton Turner. Juno Bio launched its Vaginal Microbiome Test in 2020 which is an at-home screen for women and people with vaginas enabling informational insights into their unique vaginal microbiome composition and what it means for their wellness. All results are anonymized and pooled to close the gender health gap by furthering women’s health research.[1]


In 2017, as a biologist working on Human microbiomes, Hana Janebdar was shocked by the significant gap in research regarding the vaginal microbiome and the sheer number of women and people with vaginas impacted by the over 30 under-addressed conditions in which it is implicated.[2] For example, bacterial vaginosis is one such condition of the vaginal microbiome that afflicts an estimated 30% of women at least once each year in the US and approximately 10% of women recurrently; this represents one of the highest recurrence rates in medicine.[3] Bacterial Vaginosis, and disrupted vaginal microbiomes more broadly, has been associated with an increased risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), infertility, preterm birth, and some gynecologic cancers.[4] These conditions are therefore poorly characterized, badly diagnosed and inadequately treated. Juno Bio was formed to change this; to close the gap in women’s research and raise the bar for women’s health. Juno Bio was formed in 2018 by Hana Janebdar and Dr. Leighton Turner and is advised by giants in the space such as vaginal microbiome expert Professor Gregory Buck. The company is backed by Illumina, Inc. and ran The Juno Study.[5] The Juno Study was one of the biggest IRB approved studies of the vaginal microbiome of its kind with over 1000 women across the US registering to take part and contribute to closing the gender health research gaps in the vaginal microbiome space.[6]


The company launched its first product, a Vaginal Microbiome Wellness Test, in September 2020 that costs $149 and includes free shipping.[7] Women and people with vaginas who buy the test receive a testing kit in the mail. Once the test kit is received they collect their sample by passing a Q-tip-like swab across the walls of the vagina for around 20 seconds.[1] Once the sample is collected it is sealed in the tube provided and mailed back to Juno Bio for analysis. Once the sample is processed the user can log in online to view results in their personal dashboard. The customer can also book a one-on-one ask-me-anything consultation with a Juno Bio vaginal coach.[6] Utilizing next generation sequencing and advanced computational processes, The Vaginal Microbiome Test captures the full community of bacteria in individual vaginal microbiomes.[6] Examples of bacteria found in the vaginal microbiome include Lactobacillus crispatus, Lactobacillus iners, Gardnerella vaginalis, Ureaplasma, BVAB1, and Lactobacillus gasseri.[8] The tests are currently intended to be used for informational and wellness purposes only and are not meant to diagnose disease, treat disease, or substitute for a physician’s consultation.[6]


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