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Joseph McClendon III
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Born (1953-06-11) June 11, 1953 (age 71)
Fort Campbell, Kentucky
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Master’s degree in Neuropsychology
  • Doctorate in neuropsychology
Alma mater
  • Corllins University
  • The University of Lydon State University
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Philanthropist
  • Author
Years active1973 - present
OrganizationPro-Sequences Research Group

Joseph McClendon III (born 6 November 1953) is an American author, coach, performance specialist, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and humanist.[1][2] McClendon is the founder and president of the Pro-Sequences Research Group, a performance coaching organization that incorporates applied research for understanding human behavior and teaches people how to better their lifestyle by breaking through the barriers of fear, procrastination, and indecision.[3][4]

McClendon is recognized as a global leader in the peak performance industry and has co-authored two New York Times bestselling books with Anthony Robbins, Power Thoughts, and Unlimited Power, a Black Choice.[5] He is best known for conducting seminars, lectures, achievement counseling, and coaching workshops along with advocating Black Empowerment.[6][7]

McClendon is a certified neuropsychologist and is highly acclaimed for his ability to help and empower people.[8][9] McClendon endorses a Tell, Show, Do philosophy and has presented to over 4.5 million people globally. He has lectured at many higher learning institutions like Harvard University and several Fortune 500 companies and has also been associated with renowned media personalities including Les Brown, Forrest Whitaker, Tony Robbins, Victor Wooten, Malcolm Jamahl Warner, Nichole Sherzinger, and Pitbull.[10][11]

Early life and education

McClendon was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky to Joseph and Every McClendon and was raised in Hickam Airforce Base, Oahu Hawaii. McClendon has three siblings, he is the second eldest amongst them.

When McClendon was 17 years old he was attacked by three racist people and McClendon  became homeless. He spent this time in Lancaster, California. While McClendon was homeless, a stranger gave him the book, Think and Grow Rich which inspired him to become a motivational speaker and performance coach. On his 19th birthday, McClendon nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident.

McClendon earned his Master’s degree in Neuropsychology from Corllins University in 2002 and went and later acquired a doctorate in neuropsychology from The University of Lydon State University in 2010.[12]


McClendon attended an Anthony Robbins event in 1985 that dramatically changed his life. It was the start of the friendship between the two. As a result, McClendon became one of only eight master trainers and eventually became a head trainer. McClendon made his first financial breakthrough in real estate. He studied psychology for two years and capitalized on his talents as a studio vocalist and bassist to gain a recording contract in 1990 with Sony.

McClendon holds several certifications in the neurosciences arena. In 1990, McClendon began teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He taught re-engineering, leadership, management, and advanced communication courses for the Engineering and Management Extension program for 7 years.

Following a successful career with CBS records, Joseph McClendon III founded Pro-Sequences International, a leading peak performance coaching organization that works with leaders in the political, entertainment, and business communities. Today he serves as President and CEO of Pro-Sequences International.

McClendon has also served as Senior Head Trainer for the Robbins Research International and has worked closely with Tony Robbins.

McClendon has co-authored two bestselling books with Robbins, Power Thoughts, and Unlimited Power-a Black Choice. McClendon has presented to over 4.5 million people around the globe and has lectured at many higher learning institutions like Harvard University and many Fortune 500 companies in the United States and around the world. He has also worked with many professional athletes and academy award winners.


One of McClendon’s main philosophies is that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our consistent attitudes. He also coined the term Awesome Sauce to describe the chemicals and hormones our bodies release that brings a person into the “zone” to work at their highest level of effectiveness. His philosophy revolves around a desire to work efficiently, to become the most “awesome” one can be.

McClendon aims at enhancing and developing a person’s “Effectiveness Factor” through psychological development and physical actions. He teaches that everyone can be good at selective tasks, but what makes a person “awesome” is their ability to be extremely productive at such tasks to the point where they are successful at a faster pace than others.

McClendon also developed The Further Faster Success Formula that consists of five steps to achieve the desired goals in life.[13] This formula includes steps to becoming a more intentional and effective person through key behavioral changes.[14] The process includes refining the desired goals, understanding the motivation fueling the need to achieve the desired goals, taking action, checking in to ensure progress, and adjusting to stay on the right path to achieve the desired goals. His formula also includes delivering self-praise.

McClendon also advocates for black empowerment. McClendon feels the black community can learn from instrumental black thinkers, and wrote: “Ebony Power Thoughts: Inspirational Thoughts from Outstanding African Americans” for that purpose. McClendon actively participates in black youth mentorship. He even donated ten percent of his book’s proceeds to black charities.


McClendon is also a philanthropist who works with many charitable organizations. His most recent project is the development of a program with Forest Whitaker and the United Nations to foster a psychological shift in child soldiers and forgotten battle babies of war-torn countries around the world.[15] He donates his time and expertise to helping the inner city youth Los Angeles and to programs committed to improving the quality of the community.[16]


  • Magnetic Success Summit (THE A FACTOR)
  • The Ultimate Performance Presentation Academy (THE P FACTOR)
  • Beyond Mentoring (weekly online mentoring program)
  • The Further Faster Elite Circle (Monthly Live Mentoring Program)


  • “Life is exactly what you dare to make it, and fortune favors the BOLD”
  • “Remember, knowledge is only potential power; most of us know what to do, but we don’t always do what we know.”  -Unlimited Power of Black Choice
  • “Training never stops when you want an amazing life.”
  • “Comfort is radically overrated. It’s in your moments of discomfort that the quality of your fate is determined. Dare to be uncomfortable for the short term, and you’ll make your fate.”
  • “Human beings can do amazing things when they know their reasons ‘why’.”
  • “Doctor, I appreciate your diagnosis, but I will not accept your verdict.”
  • “Into every life falls trauma and tragedy. From these fertile episodes, we take the reasoning and knowledge to either carry on in the same way or to shift our being.” -Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life
  • “Your life is one big journey, and regardless of the stage of your journey in which you are, it is a real good idea to decide now that there are great things coming. Expect the best, and you will feel better and move faster in the process.” -Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life
  • “Legacy is the intellectual property you will pass on to the next generation. It’s the wisdom and knowledge your children and grandchildren will glean from you, and your actions either seen or unseen.” -Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life
  • “A great deal of change can happen very quickly with just a little bit of knowledge and some simple shifts in our behaviors.” -Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life
  • “There are ways to see our biggest problems as our greatest opportunities--if only we can step out of our trained patterns of perception.” -Unlimited Power of Black Choice

Personal life

McClendon is an avid musician and an accomplished composer. He plays the piano, guitar, and bass guitar. McClendon also enjoys painting, sculpting, and gardening.

McClendon lives in Newport Beach, Ca. with his son and a dog named Toby.

Associated people

  • Les Brown
  • Forrest Whitaker
  • Tony Robbins
  • Victor Wooten
  • Malcolm Jamahl Warner
  • Nichole Sherzinger
  • Pitbull

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