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Joey Vieira
Joey Vieira.jpg
Born1989 (age 34–35)
Livingston, California, U.S.A.
NationalityLatin American
CitizenshipUnited States
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • José Vieira (father)
  • Rosa Vieira (mother)

Joey Vieira (born 1989) is a Latin American film and TV actor[1][2] best known for his appearances in Reef Break,[3] Romance On The Menu,[4] Dora and The Lost City of Gold[5] and Spiderhead.[6][7] Vieira rose to prominence after starring in Josh Tanner's highly acclaimed sci-fi horror short film Decommissioned, which went viral and received over 119 thousand views online.[8]

Vieira has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades now and has played integral roles in a number of film and TV shows including Texas Rising, The Bureau of Magical Things, and Young Rock to name a few. As of 2022, Vieira’s net worth is estimated to be $4M – $6M USD, which positions him to be one of the fastest-rising Latin American actors.[9][10]

Early life and education

Vieira was born in 1989 in California to José Vieira and Rosa Vieira. Vieira was a member of the Livingston High School’s band and choir. He participated in a number of sports activities as well including baseball, football, track & field, wrestling and was also a member of the student body government. It was during this time, he started ballet which kindled his interest in musical theater and sparked his passion for stage and drama.[11]

Vieira was able to understand Latin-American culture as a result of growing up in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood in the Central Valley. He grew up in Livingston, California, a tiny farming village, but later traveled to Los Angeles and Australia to pursue acting.[12][13]

When he moved to Los Angeles, he continued his studies at California State University of Northridge, where he earned a BA degree with an emphasis in drama. The Meisner Technique was next studied at the Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio, followed by audition techniques with Brian Reise.[14]


In 1995, Vieira began his career as a commercial actor.[15] A year later, he made his television debut in Pacific Blue, with actress Maria-Elena Laas, as a wealthy high school student. Some of his early credits include Strong Medicine (2001), Fastlane (2003), Kitchen Confidential (2005), and The Shield. Before coming to Australia, he also appeared as a guest star in season 25 of The Simpsons (2014).[16][17]

Vieira landed a role in the 2015 blockbuster film San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson shortly after landing in Australia.[18] After that, he acted alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Jungle, followed by a Chinese action comedy called At Last released in 2019, and finally, he played Nico in Dora and the Lost City of Gold[19][20] that same year. A year later he starred in the films Romance on the Menu[21] and Bloody Hell and in 2021 worked alongside Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney in the 2022 film Black Site and then Escape from Spiderhead as Miguel, alongside Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth.[22]

Throughout his career, Vieira has also appeared in a number of indie Australian short films, including Confession, How Not To Teach, Five Moons of Pluto, Decommissioned, and Jeff Horn's Slugger.[23] Vieira also starred in Serena (2019), a short film he co-wrote with Alexandra MacDonald, in 2019.[24] Apart from that, Vieira has also appeared in multiple episodes of Texas Rising: The Lost Soldier,[25] the ABC series Reef Break,[26][27] and season 2 of How to Stay Married[28] broadcast by Network 10.[29][30]


  • 2020 Imagen Awards
  • 2017 Visioning the Outdoors Film & Photo Comp


S.No. Title Year Type Role
1 Pacific Blue 1999 TV Series Rafael
2 Tales From The East Side 1999 TV Series Actor
3 Home The Horror Story 2000 Film Mariachi
4 Strong Medicine 2001 TV Series Eddie
5 10 Attitudes 2001 Movie Leo
6 Fast Lane 2003 TV Series Cosme
7 Kitchen Confidential 2005 - 2006 TV Series Busboy/Dishwasher
8 The Shield 2007 TV Series Rene
9 Q: Secret Agent 2008 Short Film Joey Vargas
10 Work That Room 2008 TV Series Actor
11 The Simpsons 2008 TV Series Voice Actor
12 Texas Rising: The Lost Soldier 2015 TV Mini Series Guillermo
13 San Andreas 2015 Film Actor
14 Agent Briggs 2017 TV Mini Series Javier Garcia
15 Hoges 2017 TV Mini Series NY Cab Driver
16 Jungle 2017 Film Black Jack
17 Love At First Site? 2018 Short Film Actor
18 The Devil May Care Trilogy Part 1: Blood 2018 Short Film Detective Constantinos Klein
19 The Devil May Care Trilogy 2018 Short Film Detective Constantinos Klein
20 The Last Full Measure 2019 Film Casting Associate
21 Lunatics 2019 TV Mini Series Casting
22 Rogue Roy 2019 Short Film DA Guerra
23 Dora and The Lost City of Gold[31] 2019 Film Nico
24 Confession 2019 Short Film Actor (Mr. Grey), Executive Producer
25 Reef Break 2019 TV Series Detective Tolan
26 Root Cause 2019 Documentary Dentist
27 How (Not) To Teach 2019 TV Movie Jay Lopez
28 Serena 2019 Film Actor (Hank), Writer
29 How To Stay Married[32] 2020 TV Series Carlos Garcis
30 5 Moons of Pluto 2020 Short Film Miguel
31 Romance On The Menu 2020 Film Nathaniel
32 Bloody Hell 2020 Film Coach Thornquest
33 My Life of Sport 2020 TV Series Self
34 Decommissioned 2021 Short Film Commander Diaz
35 Welcome To Wrigleton 2021 TV Movie Officer Gentle
36 Slugger 2021 Short Film Juan Fernandez
37 The Bureau Of Magical Things 2021 TV Series Harry
38 Streamline 2021 Film Eddie Rivers
39 At Last 2021 Film Oscar
40 We Will Be Monsters 2021 TV Series Short Wolfman
41 Christmas on The Farm 2021 Film NY Cabby
42 Dirty Splendid Money 2015 (completed) Short Film Mr. Diez
43 Smother 2019 (completed) Short Film Husband
44 Spiderhead 2022 (post production) Film Miguel
45 Blacksite 2022 (post production) Film Garcia
46 True Spirit TBD Film American News Presenter
47 The Audition Bus TBD TV Movie Jose Vanderas
48 Love In Bloom Post production Film Enrique
49 The Edge 2022 (Filming) Film Vickers

Personal life

Vieira is married to a woman he met in Australia in 2004. They have a son, four dogs, and a cat together. He is now based in Brisbane, Australia. Vieira is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.[33][34]

In the media



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