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Jasmina Ahmetagić
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Born1970 (age 53–54)
Belgrade, Serbia
Alma materUniversity of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy
  • Professor
  • Scientific Researcher
  • Author
  • Poet
  • Theorist
Awards"Nikola Milošević" award for the book "The Storyteller and the Story" (2015)

Jasmina Ahmetagić (Belgrade, 1970) is a professor, scientific researcher, literary critic, theorist and poet. She is a prolific author.[1]


She was born in 1970 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, where she received her master's and doctoral degrees with the topic "Biblical subtext of Serbian prose from the second half of the twentieth century (R. Konstantinović, M. Kovač, D. Kiš, M. Pavić, B. Pekić, V. Dobrivojević)".[2]She is a Doctor of Literary Sciences, Associate Professor and Senior Research Associate. She taught at the Zemun Gymnasium, worked twice in the National Library of Serbia, where she was engaged in proofreading. She also taught at the International University and the State University in Novi Pazar, Alfa University in Belgrade and worked at the Institute of Serbian Culture in Kosovo. For the last few years, she worked at the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning in Leposavić. On 27 January 2015, she received the "Nikola Milošević" award for the book "The Storyteller and the Story". The award is given for the best work in the field of philosophy, aesthetics and theory of literature and art.


  • Glasnik Narodne Biblioteke Srbije (Herald of the National Library of Serbia), 2000[3]
  • Ancient myth in the prose of Borislav Pekić, 2001[4][5]
  • The Quest I Am: On the Prose of Vladan Dobrivojević, 2002
  • The inner side of postmodernism: a look at the theory / about Pavić, 2005.[6]
  • Anthropopeja - biblical subtext in Pekić's prose, 2006
  • Rain of live coals: reading with the Bible in the hand of prose by Danilo Kiš and Mirko Kovač, 2007
  • Abuse and other love songs, 2009
  • Stories of Narcissus the Abuser: Abuse and Literature, 2011
  • The Invisible Event - Orthodox Spirituality in the Prose of Grigorije Božović, 2012
  • Dostoevsky's book: the disease of excessive knowledge, 2013.
  • Narrator and story, 2014
  • Prose of the Soul, 2016
  • Significant authorial texts
  • Phantom of Postmodernism, 2004
  • It seems, therefore - it is not, 2005.
  • The Religiosity of Eduard Sam, 2005
  • Authentic religiosity or heresy? (Khazar Dictionary), 2006.
  • A dramatic picture of the problem of victimization, 2006
  • The phenomenon of miracles in the novel The Siege of the Church of the Holy Savior by Goran Petrović, 2007.
  • Selected prose - Draga Gavrilović, author of the foreword Jasmina Ahmetagić, 2007.
  • The problematic identity of the narrator in the novel Vječnik Nedžada Ibrišimovića, 2007.
  • Virtuous beings Draga Gavrilović, 2007
  • The state of denial: irony and memory (facing the guilt of Konrad Rutkovski), 2009.
  • Was there a prince's dinner? 2009.
  • Special supplement - Shadows of cities (Karahasan's literary and philosophical work) / The phenomenon of fear in the novel Istočni diwan by Dževad Karahasan, 2010.
  • Private and public in Selimović's novels Dervish and Death and Fortress, 2010
  • Evolution of the novel genre, 2010
  • Projective identification of Mustafa Madžar, 2011
  • Birds of Oblivion, Resurrection Birds and Other Artificial Birds in the Poetry of Branko Miljković, 2011
  • Kostić's Pera Segedinac and Gorski vijenac, 2011
  • Archetypal motifs of Skender Kulenović, 2011
  • Petronijev Satirikon i Kiklop Ranka Marinkovića: menipska satira i postmoderni roman, 2011.
  • Did Augustine commit a sin against love? (Confessions v. S. Vita Brevis), 2012.
  • Golden Fleece in the Light of Deep Psychology, 2012
  • The banality of evil in the story "Buffet 'Titanic'" by Ivo Andrić, 2012.
  • Man, Bosnia and the World in the Artistic Perspectives of Abdullah Sidran / Empathy in the Poetry of Abdullah Sidran, 2012
  • Writing a novel is like building a house, 2012.
  • Jose Saramago's Blindness - Interpretation of the Parable: A Speech on Values, 2012
  • Grigorije Božović and Ivo Andrić: Nahijska prokuda and Put Alija Đerzeleza, 2012.
  • Isidora Sekulić's attitude towards "The mountain wreath" and the Kosovo idea: nationalism and cosmopolitism, 2012.
  • Passion for the impossible Bishop Danilo: Let there be what cannot be, 2012
  • In Search of the Lost Fleece: The Conception of Time in the Golden Fleece, 2013
  • The Storyteller and the Story (Pripovedač i Priča), 2014 [7]
  • The inner side of postmodernism: a look at the theory / about Milorad Pavić, 2015

In this book, Ahmetagić openly and sharply re-examines the literary work of academician Milorad Pavić, mostly the one who was defended by critics at any cost, and most often with postmodernist theoretical apparatus.[8]The first part of the book examines Pavić as, according to postmodern critics, the most valuable and typical representative of Serbian postmodernism, and the second part of the book examines postmodernism itself, from the point of view of the statements given to it by its proponents.[9]

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