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James Ural
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Born (1988-05-09) May 9, 1988 (age 36)
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
  • Lamar University (BS)
  • Lamar Institute of Technology (AA)
OrganizationLaRu Agency, LLC

James Ural (born May 9, 1988), professionally known as Ural, is an American filmmaker, businessman, and author. He is the founder of LaRu Agency, a multimedia production company.[1] As a filmmaker and businessman, Ural is best known for his philanthropy work in the Southeast Region of Texas.[2]

Ural is a published Author of children's literature, Self-help, and has co-authored four books in the Imaginative Series primarily focusing on leadership. His books have sold hundreds of copies, with some on the Accelerated Reading Program List, under his agency since 2019.[3][4]

Early life and education

James Ural was born and raised in Texas. He attended West Orange-Stark High School in Orange, TX, 2006, where he received a precision machining scholarship. He holds a degree in Precision Machining (A.A.S.), and Business (A.A.), graduating with honors from Lamar Institute of Technology.


James started his career by directing documentaries for various non-profit organizations and Nike SPARQ Combines. In 2012, this gave him the courage to undertake international projects outside the country, particularly those in Ghana and West Africa. His early works include documentary series such as Breaking Barriers, and Save The Youth.[5]

In 2014, James began working in the industrial field at ExxonMobil in Beaumont, TX, upon his return to his college town, enabling him to finance and sustain his artistic endeavors as a filmmaker.[6]

Ural founded LaRu Agency in 2018, as a multimedia production firm specializing in animation, film, editing, photography, and live events. Ural has served clients nationwide through the business for the past four years.[7] He is considered a visual philanthropist in the Southeast Region of Texas.[8]

In addition, James has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication - Film Studies (B.S.), and has served as a media director for many sports agencies, prominent persons, and government bodies. James continues to use his cinematic expertise and experiences as an entrepreneur by assisting others in reaching their full potential.[9]

Ural is also a published author of children's literature. He has written four Imaginative Series novels, including "The Case of the Loose Tooth," "Daddy's Fishing Buddy," "The Dream Racer," and "Baking with a Twist".[10]


Year Title Speaker Director Producer Editor
2017 Victory Conference Dr. John R. Adolph Yes Yes Switcher
2017 The War Room’s Midnight Cry Dr. Jamaal Bryant Yes Yes Switcher
2017 The War Room’s Midnight Cry Pastor William Murphy Yes Yes Switcher
2018 The Global Leadership Summit John C. Maxwell, Author Yes Yes Prgmr
2018 The Global Leadership Summit Pastor Craig Groeschel Yes Yes Prgmr
2018 The Global Leadership Summit Bishop T.D. Jakes Yes Yes Prgmr
2018 The Global Leadership Summit Angela Ahrendts,


Yes Yes Prgmr
2019 Battleground Night Service Bishop Marvin Sapp Yes Yes Switcher
2019 “Jesus Is King” A Sunday Service Experience Kanye West No Yes Yes
2019 Inheritance Conference Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III Yes Yes Switcher
2021 “I Made it out” tour Pastor John P. Kee Yes Yes Yes


Imaginative series

  • The Case of the Loose Tooth (2019)
  • Daddy’s Fishing Buddy[11] (2020)
  • The Dream Racer (2021)
  • Baking with a Twist (2022)

In the media



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