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James Roan
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Born (1994-06-26) June 26, 1994 (age 29)
Miami, Florida
NationalityAfrican American
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Musician
  • Recording Artist
  • Songwriter
  • Voice Narrator
Years active2012 - present
Known forMusic Albums, Music Videos, Documentaries
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
RelativesLorenzo "Smokey" Roan (Uncle)
Musical career
Background information

James Edward Roan (born on 26th June 1994) is an American Musician, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Voice Narrator. Born in Miami, Florida, James started listening to legendary artists at a young age. His dedication towards his work can be seen in years of efforts before releasing albums, including Enter · End and Power Forward. Most of his creations focus on the dark phase and the importance of not giving up despite challenges[1].

Early life and education

James was introduced to different genres of music at an early age by his family. He explored different genres from R&B to Soul, Rock, Rap, Alternative, and more. Roan was engrossed in music and wrote his first song at the age of 14. He then moved further to recording his first track at 15. The track struck the realization of exceptional talent, passion, and love for music. This helped Roan enter the industry that now recognizes him for some of the best musical creations[2].


Roan went by the name Democracy at the beginning of his career. He initiated his first project titled Time Will Tell back in high school at 17. This 7 track EP showed Roan’s capability of a seamless musical creation[3]. Moving further, he created a 20 song mixtape titled Slowly But Surely in 2014. Both the creations showed he could keep his audience engaged through multiple songs. The artwork concept stemmed from the mind of Roan yet was digitally designed by Ryan Parks[4].

Since 2018, Roan started working on growing and expanding in his field. Two years of dedicated efforts led to his first appearance on the major streaming platforms. He stayed focused on mastering his skills throughout the period. He then finally released his first official studio album Enter · End. The album beautifully covered the areas of success and failure. But the actual applause lies in the fact that the creation leaves listeners to their own interpretations[5].

The entire album focuses on three major concepts. Firstly, it depicts how the album can be an entry to the game or the end of his career. Secondly, the entry ensures the exit of other renowned individuals in the industry. Lastly, the songs somehow scream the projection of victory[6][7][8][9].

The album begins with a mellow vibe and turns to an upbeat experience as it moves further. He successfully gave the album a blend of cool and warm effects. Roan cleverly played with warm and cool colors to create a mental image[10][11]. A middle dot also depicts his position in the middle of success and failure. The cover of his album is a random click at his friend Chris’ balcony wherein Roan was staring at the water, taken years back. The second song, Rapture, had over 25,000 streams on Spotify out of all the songs[12].

Moving forward, James released the album titled Seven Nights consisting of 9 songs in collaboration with singer and producer Alayo. The album enjoyed great success and had over 40,000 streams on Spotify. Over five music videos support the project, and Roan personally designed the album cover[13][14].

By the end of 2020, James started appearing by his birth name instead of the stage name Democracy. He re-released the album Slowly But Surely in the same year with a five-track EP[15]. This was Roan’s first track release after adapting his original name. He also released a trailer filmed by Jeremiah Jones for promotional purposes[16][17].

Moving further, James worked for over six years and released his second solo album titled Power Forward in October 2021. The work on the album began during his college years. But he kept on releasing small projects in between[18]. This album focused on a dark and aggressive aspect. His rap and flow improved tremendously by the second album. The entire creation focuses on overcoming difficult moments in life. He strongly conveys the power of not giving up in unusual circumstances. The album consists of 11 songs from producers like Jordeaux, Koolizm101, Enon Jacobs, Donnie Katana & Stoic. Apart from gaining popularity online, the album also made it to Disrupt Magazine, Vents Magazine, and Influencive[19][20].



Year Name
2018 Enter · End
2019 Seven Nights (with Alayo.)
2021 Power Forward
2022 Elements of Life (with Richy B)
TBA Lonely Nights in Brickell


Year Name
2014 Slowly But Surely


Year Name
2018 Time Will Tell
2020 Slowly But Surely: The Reissue

Music Videos

Year Name
2020 Times Are Always Changing
2020 Why I Gotta Die?
2020 What You Don’t Understand
2021 Happy
2021 Day
2021 Mission As An Emcee
2021 I Just Don’t Know
2021 Days Gone
2021 What’s Up Now?!
2021 Couldn’t Touch Us (Motherf*cker)
2021 Before We Pass

In the media



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